16 August 2013

2 year old portraits

I honestly don't think she looks exactly like either of us despite claims she looks just like me. I think Sloan is a perfect blend of both of us. Hopefully in personality too, all of the good, none of the bad 

Here are some more of the portraits we took:
Smiling back at mommy in the Zen garden
Taking time to stop and smell the roses

Happy Friday!

photo credit to AWSapp


  1. Great photos! You can't help but smile at the image of her turning to smile at you. That's a fun shot. I love how petite she is in comparison to the agapantha bloom.

    I think you are right. I've always thought she favors you, but when you put the three photos side by side, it's the adult you that she resembles so much.

  2. so cute..................help me choose for my wall........need your opinion

  3. I love that she will wear hats! She is so cute! I still think she looks like you. :)