29 August 2013

Paris, day 1: 1st June 2013.

As promised, i am going to post about our trip to PARIS, a day at a time.

The first day was rough. My normally good flyer (airline passenger??) was completely distracted by my desire to watch movies and refused to sleep until i turned the TV off. Of course the best flight to Paris from RDU is the direct flight through Charlotte overnight. We left CLT around 430  or 5pm and arrived at CDG around 630am. But what do i know? It was early and I probably got around 1 hour of broken sleep. Sloan got about 3 hours. But we made it!
Papa  had been in Switzerland for work and met us at the airport. fortunately we were able to go to his hotel for a shower and nap. Well at least one of us napped in the hotel (ahem MOM). I don't really take naps well.
We then took a very expensive TAXI to our apartment. Sloan was kind enough to take a nap for us
We stayed in a nice 2 bedroom apartment on Temple Square in the third arrondissement. Here is the view from our apartment window.  On the weekends there is a regular flea market. We had a lot of fun on Sunday walking through the tents. I would have loved to purchase some furniture, but perhaps if i moved to paris I could do just that. ;)
We made reservations for a Seine River cruise to tour the major sites and rest after our long journey. We had nothing else planned for the day.  On the way to the Seine, we stopped for lunch and had Fish n' Chips at a little pub. In true Parisian fashion, we ate at the tables outside. It was very good food.
On the way to the Seine, we passed the Paris "city hall" so to speak. And they had fake clay courts set up since the French Open (Roland Garros) was going on.
Finally we made it down the LONG road on Ile de la Cite to the "cruise" ship. really it is just a boat tour to the statue of liberty and back. 
On the boat Sloan was a bit sleepy. The cool air and the soothing motion of the boat were mesmerizing. I myself was quite lethargic. Sloan picked out her own seat and that is where she sat. I did manage to move her once to get a photo of she and Papa.

But for the most part, she picked out her seat and this is where she sat. And she LOVED it.

If you plan to go on a Seine river boat tour, book your reservations ahead of time. There was a long queue to get tickets, which we, fortunately were able to bypass and hop right on the boat. By doing so, we avoided a 60 minute wait for the next tour as they run a tight schedule.

Here are some of the things we saw on the cruise.
The Eiffel Tower as Sloan pointed out.

The Pont Alexandre III bridge connecting Champs Elysees to Invalides

and following it, Pont Invalides
The original statue of liberty with the Eiffel tower in the background.
Needless the say, the boat made us very tired and our jetlagged eyes were dry and red from being open for so long.

Since we went without the stroller, we carried a teddy bear backpack with a long tail to keep a certain person out of the busy streets! Aren't we so civilized? 

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur but i believe that we went straight to bed shortly after this. We did have dinner in the apartment. The beauty of this day is that Sloan slept until 10 AM the next day! It was a wonderful first day in Paris. I hope to share more of our journey in days to follow. 

16 August 2013

2 year old portraits

I honestly don't think she looks exactly like either of us despite claims she looks just like me. I think Sloan is a perfect blend of both of us. Hopefully in personality too, all of the good, none of the bad 

Here are some more of the portraits we took:
Smiling back at mommy in the Zen garden
Taking time to stop and smell the roses

Happy Friday!

photo credit to AWSapp

06 August 2013

2 year stats and Birthday Party!

Sloan can take off all of her clothes and put her socks on by herself. She can sort of dress herself but often ends up with two feet through one pants leg. She puts her underwear on over her head and down to her waist some times. I find it cute. She can put her crocs on by herself, which is the only reason that I bought what i think are ugly shoes, but they are purple, her favorite color. How appropriate for Sloan Violet, and no, i did not force this upon her, just simply perchance she loves the color purple.

Sloan can say most of her ABC's in song form. She can count to 14, which she surprised me with the other day. Once we got to 9, she shouted 10, 11, 12, I said 13, then she followed with 14.

Sloan knows most of her colors, but is funny about them and will typically tell you that every color is purple or green and then laugh at me, but when she is coloring and i make her ask for colors, she will use the right name, most of the time.

Sloan is a very funny girl. She does things purely to try to make you laugh and waits to see what type of reaction she will get. She is also very brave. Sloan jumps off the diving board and swims to the ladder all by herself (with water wings) repeatedly at the pool.

At her doctor appointment she was 35.5" tall and 26.4 lbs. She is obviously a bit advanced with her long sentences and being potty trained. When time for her shot, Sloan stuck out her lower lip, and when the nurse was finished she gave me a little, Wah, i didn't like that, tearless cry, and then asked for her well deserved Lolipop. Both doctor and nurse remarked at how well behaved she was.

She had a party in her classroom with store bought cupcakes - both of us attended.

The next morning she woke up to a room full of balloons

Her birthday was a lot of fun.  We went to the pool, took a nap, and then went to the park to ride the beloved Carousel and Train! Her aunt and cousins were there too!

The next day was her birthday party!
We let her open each gift as the person arrived, as to keep the flow of the party going and prevent her from being overwhelmed. It actually worked out quite well because all of the children were able to play with her new toys and she was able to SHARE her new toys which she had no qualms with. Rick and I both commented that Sloan was a fantastic mingle-er and really worked the party.

Here is our captive audience watching sloan's birthday movie

Sloan received awesome presents. A Jenna doll from Bella, Fun Learning books from Weston, a pretend hair and makeup kit from Kyle, Books and Blocks from Aarnavi,  Blocks from the Mount girls, Blocks and a baby doll stroller from Jen and Allison, and a baby Cinderella doll from Lorenzo and Valentina.

For party favors, each child got a violet colored Eiffel Tower key chain STRAIGHT from Paris. The girls received a ton of bracelets, a hello kitty ring, a ring pop, and a few organic suckers,  and the boys received a few match box cars, a ring pop, a few organic suckers and a sports themed bouncy ball. Oh and how can i forget, a KAZOO! parents, you are welcome !

We sort of did an Eiffel Tower theme, but mostly just had a party in the house.

I think if i could state one thing Sloan loved most about her birthday, it is the birthday song. She requested us to sing it to her over and over, and we are STILL talking about whose birthday is next (MINE!) and then she asks me to sing Happy Birthday to her! She sure does know how to celebrate life!


Happy beginning of your third year of life Sloan. We know this is going to be an amazing Journey and are happy for our front row seats.