22 July 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Sloan Violet !

Wow time sure does fly when you get old and especially when you have a child.   Our precious Sloan Violet is TWO today! She has been talking about her birthday for weeks now. "My birthday is next",  and singing "Happy Birthday" to pretty  much anyone, Happy Birthday mommy, daddy, Sheila, Bridget. Sloan LOVES her birthday.

We are having a party for her on Saturday.  I was lazy this year and sent out an email invite, but hope to compensate for it with the party itself. I will be sure to post pictures soon!

Here is more about Sloan:

Recent Development:
Sloan prays every meal and every night, original prayers, "Dear God, Thank you for today, thank you for mommy and daddy, mimi and papa, grammy and grandad, max and spencer, the swing-swing and the swimming pool."  Sloan loves the Eiffel Tower and now compares radio towers to it. "Is that the Eiffel Tower Mommy?"  No Sloan, it is much too small.

Sloan uses big sentences, such as, "I see Mommy's car over there."

Sloan likes: Balloons and Polka Dots. Her Dog Ellie. Blue Clues and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mommy's iphone. Daddy's computer. Sleeping in mommy's bed. Driving mommy's car. Swinging on the big girl swing. Singing songs. Listening to GOOD music. Dancing. Choo-Choo Trains. Swimming Pools. Spinning around. Going fast. Riding Bikes. Nemo. Mommy's high heels. Makeup. Being Silly. Driving the car. Chocolate.
Sloan dislikes: sitting down while eating. bedtime.

Sloan likes to have us to clap for her when she does something.
She has quick wit and is very comical. She knows when she is funny, as exemplified in the photo below. Mimi was trying to get her to smile, instead Sloan mirrored her actions and made all of us smile instead.

I meant to post this on Friday but we took the weekend off from everything to enjoy our baby girl! She had a wonderful birthday with a trip to an indoor playground for breakfast, then the morning at the pool where we sang "Happy Birthday" to her about 10 times, per her request "Sing to Me".  A long nap. Then a trip to the park to ride the train and the carousel and play on the playground with her aunt "Lorli" and cousins tagging along!

Did I mention she woke up to a room full of balloons?

HAPPY 2ND birthday Sloan Violet!  

16 July 2013

Tuesday Funny

This was supposed to be a Sunday Funny, but life keeps getting in the way and I am finding that i have less time to write than normal. Once i finish writing my PhD dissertation (next week) life should go back to almost normal. We shall see what normal really means.

The other day, Sloan was playing with a penny. Yes I allow my almost 2 year old to play with money. She enjoys dumping it out of her piggy bank and then putting it back in. Hand-Eye Coordination right?

Her older brother was in town and had dropped a penny on the sofa. Of course she found it and was toying with putting it in her mouth.  I took the penny away because, as I told her, we do not put money in our mouths.  A few seconds later she is really chewing on something and in a nervous panic, I rush to her and demand she spit it out.

Sloan spits a few times and nothing but saliva hits my hand.

"Sloan," I urgently inquire, "what did you put in your mouth"....

Matter of fact she replies, " A boogie" . She then gives me the sweetest grin.

The feeling of fear quickly turned to laughter. Convincing her that boogers are not for eating, well that is left for another day.

This morning Sloan and i went to the dollar tree to pick up a few balloons for her birthday party. While perusing the toy aisle, Sloan took a few frisbees out and started putting those shrink wrapped novelty towels on top. She walked over to me and stated, "Mommy, have a pic-pic with me", so i obliged, and sat in the middle of the aisle and enjoyed eating a few shrink wrapped Superman and Dora Towels. After a few bites (we were in a rush to get to work), I told her it was time to leave and Sloan stated, "Thank You for having a pic-pic with me." My heart completely melted right there.

I love that my sweet girl appreciates our time together and is grateful for the little things. Over the last two years my heart has grown larger than I could imagine. Seeing the way she loves her daddy and her daddy loves her has grown my heart for him too. What a fabulous family we have.

Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad! I'm glad you finally made it to the city of lights ! XOXO