24 June 2013

23 months!

I cannot believe that in less than a month our daughter will be 2 years old! Time has certainly flown by and we have been so incredibly busy.

Earlier this month, we went to Paris! (i really hope to find time to blog this soon) and then after a short week home, a trip to the beach for nearly a week.

Sloan is an amazing little girl and i find myself (trying to) hold back from talking about her because she makes it so easy to boast about how smart she is. I don't know if she is exceptional or if I am just so proud of her that I think she is exceptional. Either way, Rick and i count our blessings because she really is a super kid!

Sloan speaks sentences and forms her own thoughts, swims well with swimmies (what you might call "water wings" ),  has an amazing memory "Au Revoir Choo Choo", can RUN (not just a fast walk), makes up her own songs, memorizes songs we teach her, and generally makes everyone around her smile when she gets over her shyness.  People are still constantly stopping us (even in Paris) to remark on her eyes. Sometimes they try to compare them to mine, but mine are merely grey in comparison, as you can see from this picture from atop the Eiffel Tower.

Sloan is skeptical about new things, but quickly becomes fearless. It took her about 5 seconds to figure out how the water wings worked before she started floating around in them.  She still doesn't know how to jump and that might be our biggest hurdle this summer trying to get her into the pool safely since she tries to jump off the edge but ends up either stepping off with just one leg, or jumping (read STEPPING) into the pool just a bit too close to the wall.  We are working on it. Sloan also goes down the water slide at our pool and off the smaller diving board, both without anyone there to catch her. She then swims to the ladder and asks to go again.

When i sing a new song to Sloan, she asks me to repeat it, "Again". I sing it about 10 times and then I make her repeat it back to me. With help, she usually has the whole song down. I have likely already said this, but the last few months, Sloan will get in the car with me and request "Turn the music on Please Mommy".  Sloan enjoys singing Happy Birthday and Jesus Loves me, but we think her favorite song is "Ba Ba Black Sheep". At least this month.

Sloan also sang Karoke on her 23rd month birthday!  Two little kids sang Twinkle Twinkle Little star and she went up there with them (as they were her new friends) She then proceeded to hold onto the microphone while the next person came up to sing. It was SO. STINKING. CUTE!

Sloan ALWAYS asks us, "What's that?" and will repeat what we answer. She has amazing recall and memory and is a very curious little girl (not a baby anymore!) Our trip to Paris was incredible and I think my parents were real troopers (i hope to post about it in a few days - turned weeks if you know my schedule!)

Here are some more favorites:

Mom Says: Goat Cheese, Chocolate, Broccoli, Almonds and Kiwi. Smoothies and Homemade Popsicles
Dad Says: Chips, Bacon, French Fries and Steak
All in All, Sloan is a very good eater and we rarely find food she will not eat.

Yo Gabba Gabba. and Blues Clues (We haven't watched too much TV this month. Too busy living life!!)

the LORAX, Aladdin (just the beginning up to the carpet ride - the rest is scary),

Collecting Rocks (in Paris), Swimming, Being outside, Stroller rides, Bike Rides, Riding the "Choo Choo" Metro (in Paris), Play grounds, spinning, Boogie Boarding, Playing in the sand, Jumping over waves,

Her dolls, stuffed animals, specifically Bunny Rabbit, Violet, and the Elephant. Anything she can build a tower with.

Other milestones: Putting on her socks and pants by herself. Putting her shoes on. Running. (Still cannot fully jump). Posing for pictures, "Take a picture Mommy" and Refusing Pictures "NO more Pictures Mommy"

Sloan is bright and articulate. After three weeks of vacation living, we are working hard to get her back on a schedule and back to discipline. She has had the run of it and we are back to reality, but she is falling back in line nicely. Just like her mama, sloan LOVES the beach and the Pool! Sloan also likes to ride with the sunroof open, "Open the sunshine please mommy".

Loves her pigtails:

The same serious face
A year ago:

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