02 May 2013

The Mis-adventures of a Cupcake

While visiting my sister in Florida, Sloan gets a "healthy" cupcake:

After watching her lick only the icing, I decided to break it in half to help her eat it

You " BROKE IT!," she exclaimed, breaking into hysterics.

What did you do to my poor cupcake?!

So i traded with her (after taking the icing off of mine)

Testing out that the new one is "intact"

Don't you ever do that again mama!



  1. Hahaha, poor thing! Looks like you ended her world by breaking that cupcake. But then you made it all better again by giving her yours. :) So sweet.

  2. You brute! I guess you know she wants to do it HER way :0)

  3. Too funny! Poor thing thought it was the end of the world, but boy it was cute to see!