25 May 2013

22 Months !

The mind of the inquisitive child has begun. Sloan has started asking "What is that" "What is this." or "What are you doing?"...

I LOVE it! We were at my grandmothers house and when we went to the potty, Sloan asked what the bars were in on the edge of her bathtub. i explained they kept Grandma from falling when she takes a bath (she IS 88 years old!) Sloan is pretty good about accepting explanations and not asking why. Not yet at least.

Sloan is quite expressive. When she likes something, "I LIKE IT" when it has to do with food, she rubs her belly in a circle while saying that. Or sometimes just,  Mmmmmmm.. When she doesn't like something she will tell you, "I no like it" or "NO mommy, No" sometimes just "NO NO NO NO NO" it is almost sing songy.

Potty "training" is a thing of the past. Sloan has had very few accidents in the past month, so few that i cannot count more than three, and once because a toilet was occupied and she couldn't hold it before it became available, the other time on a very long bike ride with her daddy, and that is all i remember in the last month., so i guess it was just two.

Mom says: Kiwi Fruit, Chocolate Chips, Pop Corn, Bread. Noodles. Potatoes.
Dad says: Chips. Broccoli.

Mom says: Timmy Time (a spin-off from Shaun the Sheep), Yo Gabba Gabba, Blues Clues
Dad says: Timmy Time.

Mom says: Finding Nemo, Madagascar 3, Tangled
Dad says: Madagascar 3, Wreck it Ralph, Nemo, Monsters Inc.

Mom says: London Bridge is Falling Down, Jesus Loves Me,  Jammin' (bob marley),
Dad Says: Sloan and Daddy (they made it up and she loves to sing it - to the tune of Love and Marriage)

Mom Says: Her stuffed bunny and a cabbage patch kid "diaper bag", hard plastic care bears, all of her dolls
Dad Says:  Mommy's spinning office chair, her teddy bears

Mom says: Marvin K Mooney,  the Heads Book
Dad says:  The Heads Book, Barney flap book

Mom says: Spinning, Singing, dancing, Being Outside, the bean game
Dad says: Bike Rides, Coloring with mommy, the bean game

What's new:
We are leaving for Paris at the end of the month and that has us pretty busy.  I have a small Eiffel Tower from my last visit to Paris that i keep on our book shelf. I decided to take it down to show Sloan to familiarize her with at least one thing Parisian.  She calls it the big tower, or the Eiffel Tower (and her recall on the name is impecable). I am so amazed by her memory. I can't wait until she sees the REAL big tower, she will think our model is merely child's play.

She also knows a few French words, but does NOT know what they mean, from what I can tell, aside from Merci Beaucoup. She says , Bonjour, Au Revior, s'il vous plait, je t'aime, and Excusez- moi (ala Miss Piggy).  WE shall see how her first international trip goes.  I am very excited!

The bean game is merely a bucket full of beans (dried kidney beans) that we pour out into other containers. She likes it. I think it is a good sensory game and we also use them to give the animals a bath (stuffed variety).

Sloan will ask for the radio to be turned on when we go for rides. (i don't tend to listen to any music in the car since it is  WAS my quiet place). The other morning we caught the end of Ice Ice Baby and she requested More Ice Baby. It was pretty cute. She also likes for me to sing to her and will ask me to sing "Again Mommy" and sometimes she will tell me "NO mommy, another one" when i sing something she doesn't want to hear. I am constantly amazed by her memory. After singing London Bridge to her one time, she was running around singing, Take the Keys and Lock her up. She has the words to Jesus Loves Me memorized as well as the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She skips some words here and there but she has the gist of it.

Sloan's imagination is growing. She pretend talks on the phone to her Grammy and Mimi. She cooks, she takes are of her baby dolls, and draws things like fish, zebras, and whatever she has her mind on at the time. It is pretty cute to see her tell you what she is drawing. Sloan has also finally named her first stuffed animal. Her pet dog is now called Bingo. AT least for now. The rest of them have names like baby, bear, bunny (essentially a descriptor of whatever it is we are talking about). Se also likes to play dressup and came to visit me at school one day in a pair of butterfly wings.

Sloan got to see a baby calf just hours after it was born. Here she is with my cousin Charlie trying to chase it back to the barn.

My cousin Christina has three boys (and a girl due in a few weeks!) Here is her current baby, Luke, who is exactly 9 months older than Sloan. These two are adorable and look like they could be twins!

Sloan definitely has curls in the humidity.  Not sure where that comes from. My brother and sister have curls.  Sloan with her great Papaw

Happy 22 months baby girl (yes this is almost a week late!) Your daddy and I love you very much. And for the record, Sloan is ready for another baby. We saw a baby at the park today and we asked Sloan if she wanted another baby. She she does want a baby, preferably a sister, and that she wants me to call it Mommy's Other Baby. It was adorable! We will keep that in mind, but for now, we are enjoying having just one.

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