01 April 2013

Easter Weekend with my Tree Lover

Wow what a fabulous weekend we had ! Most of the time, Sloan goes to daycare 4 days of the week and stays home Friday through Sunday. Friday is daddy/daughter day. They do fun things like going to movies, running general errands (like taking care of the car and home repair needs), bike rides to the park, picnics, and stuff like that. They come to see me for lunch if they aren't going to the park for a picnic, but now that Sloan has a bike seat and the weather is playing nice, i expect to see less of them unless i make an appointment.

On Saturday morning, Sloan held out her hand and said, mama dirt, worm. and pointed to her open palm. I knew exactly what she meant. On Thursday, we played in the dirt, I was weeding and found a few grub worms. Sloan remembered and was requesting that we go outside and find a worm, so out we went! I did find an earthworm this time, and let her hold it, which was fine until it moved. Then she preferred that i put it back in the ground. Pretty brave considering her daddy would likely not touch one at all! Then we moved to climbing the crape myrtle. Sloan also hugged and kissed it on her own. My little Tree Hugger! I told you the child is hilarious 
Once she got up the tree she started talking about monkeys and making monkey noises. I was pretty brave to take this photo rather than making sure she didn't fall down!

Next my friend and former roommate Jen and baby Allison came over to play! Allison has 2 dogs but they are not as cuddly as Ellie, and Allie LOVED being in ellie's face, which of course, ellie did not mind at all!
Allison is 7.5 months old. (about 13 months younger than sloan) We let her to hold baby allison!

Next was Sunday and the Easter Bunny came.

Sloan received a shovel for digging with me, a monkey, bubbles, big girl panties, one dark chocolate bunny, an ABC book, and eggs filled with Popcorn, bracelets, coins, one dollar, and a few organic jelly beans.

At first Sloan was scared of Monkey, but once i showed her that she was nice and hugged and kissed her, she was sold. Monkey's name is Monkey which is appropriate since Minnie mouse is Mouse.

After church we took a few pictures

Sloan has a beauty mark on her upper lip on her left side, it popped up a few weeks ago. Can you see it? Nope it is not a smudge, I have checked a few times and it just doesn't come off. 

Rick didn't feel like being patient and posing, so this picture with him isn't great, but he sure does look handsome!


This is my favorite of these two.
Back to the tree again...
We also spent a small part of the day painting:  Sloan preferred her hands to the brush, I plan on stretching the canvas and hanging this somewhere in our home. Clean up was fun, Keeping her painted feet off of the deck was a task! I was smart enough to lay down an old vinyl table cloth for beneath the canvas and made her keep her feet on the cloth. We used a BIG bucket for cleaning her hands and feet. Of course she loved the warm water and getting naked and sitting inside the bucket. Silly girl!
In other news: Sloan has decided to potty train. We were going regularly, but then laid off for a bit, but we started letting her sit on the potty. Somehow her Bjorn potty ended up in the family room. I think it all started with a naked baby and me being nervous she would pee on the rug, so we made her sit while watching TV. And then she went, got a peepee dance from daddy and a quarter from mommy for her piggy bank. This lasted for about a week of letting her sit on her various potties in the evening before bath and bed, (the Bjorn is in our bathroom, hers has an Elmo potty seat, and the downstairs has a Mickey Mouse potty seat), so all the bathrooms are potty training friendly. She can also stop herself and tell us "OH NO" and wait for us to carry her to the potty to finish!

Saturday we were able to get her to do her business on the potty, and then Sunday she went all day, with only ONE wet diaper (which was my fault because we let her play outside with her friends across the street, and then rushed her to dinner and forgot to stop and sit her on the potty) No big deal though. Today I sent her to school with Training pants and panties, and we will see how it goes! No pressure though, our baby is already growing up way too fast!

She actually hugged and kissed the Easter Bunny this year! (last year's shot is in the middle!)


  1. She is so cute! Her hair is coming in nicely and her "looks" are just priceless.

  2. I can't believe how much of a mini you she is. Two gorgeous girls for sure! I'm jealous that you have such a large crape myrtle. We planted one a few years ago (in KC) but it never gets very tall; always ends up falling over from the weight. And just when we think we've killed it off, it comes back every year, basically starting over from the ground up. They sure are gorgeous as trees though! Hope the potty training continues to go well!

  3. I'm so impressed with her potty training! Jade had a fairly dry day on Saturday, but Sunday we seemed to regress again. I think Dave and I need to make more of a point of making it a regular routine with her and checking with her more often. We all tend to be going about our business, playing, etc. and then forget to have her sit on the potty. How often were you offering it to Sloan?

    Before you know it, the girls will be losing their baby teeth and driving on their own. It's amazing how much they can do now!