24 April 2013

21 Months!

Happy 21 months baby girl, time sure is flying!
People keep asking how old Sloan is and I can’t get my head around the fact that she is almost 2!

How cute is this pic?
This has been a busy month! We celebrated Easter, went to the beach, lots of bike rides, swimming, trips to the park and a first trip to the dentist.
Photo: First dentist appointment!
Sloan did AWESOME at the dentist. He said she was the best THREE year old he has ever seen. I laughed and reminded him she was under 2. Our dental office has televisions on the ceiling and wall so she can watch TV and be distracted. Since we still watch little amounts of TV it was a treat to her. They were able to brush her teeth and look inside her mouth without a fight.

Everyone seems to love being around Sloan. She can't go anywhere without a compliment on her eyes. I do hope she sees value in her smarts too.  Sloan is also turning into a bit of a fashionista refusing to wear certain clothes. It’s pretty cute but can be frustrating. “Mama, I no like this”. She definitely has her own opinion about what to wear some days. 

Sloan is officially potty trained, Her last THREE  MANY BM’s have been IN the toilet including one  several now at school!  We are so proud of her! I think it is official, and for the books we can round up to 21 months!

She also has quite the vocabulary.  I kept hearing her say “peacock” but just couldn't figure out what she was saying.  I finally realized that she was saying “BIG TRUCK”… OOH!  She speaks many complete sentences and often forms them on her own.

We like to watch the trash truck and recycle truck come by  the curb on Wednesday mornings.
We LOVE to play outside with bubbles, running down the hills in our yard, going on bike rides, drawing on the sidewalk with chalk (and sometimes on my car!) and sand boxes.

Sloan loves the playground, and will say playground when she sees one, but it's more of a request... She will ask what a noise is, and often answer herself, “Noise?” “Wawa” such as when the ice maker refills in the fridge.  She will ask “Where did daddy go?” or sometimes “Where ARE you?” to me if I leave her sight. She has a very engineering type mind, where she is trying to figure out how things work, often turning her toys upside down and looking inside. She does not like toys that move on their own. Her grandparents gave her a singing duck and she HATES it because it moves back and forth. Too scary for her! Stuffed toys are not to come alive! I also had to turn off "Chuck the Truck" because he moves on his own.

Sloan LOVES birds, and will ask to see “more birds” when they fly away. We have a bird feeder just outside of our kitchen window for bird watching while we eat. Our favorite is the mama cardinal, which Sloan can say. We have several in our yard, and it is obvious why this is the “State Bird”.  She LOVED being at the beach and seeing the masses of seagulls!

So far, we haven’t had too many tantrums to deal with. When one begins, I will get down on Sloan’s level, look her in the eye and let her know that we don’t throw fits. Because her communication is so great, the tantrums are typically b/c she isn't getting her way, like today, she wanted to push the buttons on the elevator, but we were in the middle of lunch. I told her AFTER lunch, which upset her, she started to throw a fit, I got down on her level and let her know in a gentle way, that it was not OK, and she stopped.  I let her ride the elevator up and down TWICE (after lunch). She started to throw another tantrum after we had to get off the elevator (who doesn't want to ride up and down all day) and I scooped her up and asked her to stop. She did.  Typically Sloan is easy to calm unless she is overly tired or hungry.

Some days are exhausting, Sloan is really showing her independence and strong will, but she is a very happy child. She likes to walk around singing and being silly.

Boy did we hit the jackpot with this one because I can’t possibly believe this is due to great parenting. Sure I would like to consider that we are in fact, good parents, but our child seems to be a bit spectacular. Sometimes I feel like we are just simply along for the ride.

Sloan is a wonderful child with a generous spirit and a grateful heart. She thanks us often, for trips to the park, treats (even raisins). She says please. She gives hugs and kisses often. She even makes Rick and i kiss because it makes her so happy to see. She loves giving BIG HUGS and kisses. Especially to ellie! 

TV: Blue’s Clues, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
FOOD: Goat Cheese. Berries. Noodles. Avocado.Chocolate ( we give her mini  chocolate chips some times), broccoli, cooked kale, Almonds.
MUSIC: Bob Marley,  the Beatles, The Lorax soundtrack, Veggietales Sunday School Songs
COLOR: Purple. Everything is purple, even when it is not.
GAMES: "you're not a baby" where Sloan gets on the floor and crawls and Rick chases after her and tickles her for acting like a baby. (or something like that),  Ring around the Rosie (with her dolls or parents),  Chase me!, Push me in my Car!
SPEAKING: What doesn't she say! Sloan even says "I love you" without hearing it first! She is such a sweet girl!
TOYS: Sloan plays well independently. She likes to make her dolls from the dollhouse walk around. She puts her stuffed animals to bed and feeds them. She plays with my old Care Bears and makes them do ring around the rosie. i have also seen her make them hug and kiss, as well has have the mommy doll kiss the bears. Can you tell our home is full of love?

Sloan loves to pray before meals and even tries to pray along with us. We end every pray with "God is Great, God is Good, Amen"  Sometimes she even ends her books with "Amen".

SHAPES: Star, Circle, Heart, Oval. sometimes square.  She is pretty good with her Shapes Puzzle and her Tupperware shape sorter.
NUMBERS:  She can count to THREE and know that one finger on each hand is the same as when I do two on one hand (which to me shows cognition of TWO rather than just mimicking a hand signal) She was holding three objects the other day and running around saying, ONE TWO THREE.
COLORS: As i said above, everything is purple. She has picked a color and her color is purple. If i ask her to hand me the Green stick, she might, but if i ask "what color is that stick" she most likely will say purple.
ALPHABET:  Sloan can say ABC,  Zeeee. When she sees letters written down she will say, ABC (like hey, these are letters) so she does recognize the existence of letters, but that's about it. She might know what an A is.
ANIMALS and SOUNDS: Elephant, Dog, Cat, Bird, Duck, Pig, Horse, Bear, Fish, Lion, Giraffe, Penguin, Sheep, Chicken, and Cow.
SONGS: Parts of "Jesus Loves Me", she sings chorus to "Hey Jude", "Three Little Birds", "Row Row Row your Boat", "twinkle Twinkle", "Baby Bumblebee",  "ring around the Rosie"
DRESSING: Sloan can get her arm into her coat sleeve, She can take all of her clothes off, especially her shoes and socks.
EATING: Sloan eats with a fork, a spoon, and her hands. She prefers to eat the food off of MY PLATE with MY fork...
CHORES: Sloan can pick up her toys and put them away (with some direction), she helps empty the dishwasher, she can set the table with napkins and paper plates, Put away her shoes,  hang up her coat, put books back on the shelf. Her job before and after bike rides is to get the helmets and put them back on the shelf. She can also mop up the floor with a rag when she spills something.
BATHING: Sloan can help wash her body and her hair. She loves to wash her hands and brush her teeth "I do it myself".



Despite her serious looks, Sloan is playful and silly. We love her so very much!

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  1. I can see why she gets so many compliments on her beautiful eyes! What a sweet and smart girl! I love that every color is purple - Jade is the same way with blue. And Jade, like Sloan, also thinks it's more fun to eat off my plate with my fork. We stopped giving her baby forks long ago because she did so well with the adult ones, but mine is still preferred for some reason. Lol.