03 March 2013

19 months on the 19th

Sloan won't have another 19 on 19 until her 19th birthday, the year 2030!  Her 19th month was an eventful one. First the circus, then a trip to Florida to see her aunt and cousins! We also had some wonderful snow accumulation, and some birthday party fun! I have literally crammed an entire month into one post! 

Sloan has so much fun with Carter (5.5) and Brady(4)!  She loves to follow them around, play with their toys and watch them be boys! They live near the beach (in warm climate!) and Sloan, just like me, LOVES the beach!

my silly girl!

Playing Brady's drums! The girl has rhythm!

Aunt Lori building sandcastles just as fast as Sloan can knock them down!
Just like her mom, Sloan also likes to play in the dirt!
Always a healthy snack with these children!

Sometimes we need a bigger cousin to help keep us on track.

I ran inside for one second and Sloan was fishing in the pool for a noodle! 
Sloan and Brady were running laps around the net.

More cousin love!

We love you Aunt Lori! We hope to see you Soon!

Yes, my post is 10 11 12 days late, but we have been busy and sick! Sloan was sick with 103.7 fever for a few days then was my turn to catch it! We are on the mend now!

Here are some of her favorites at 19 months:

Food:  Snap Pea Crisps,  Bacon, Potatoes, Strawberries, avocado, broccoli, raisins

Songs: How Bad Can I Be, Hey Jude, Day by Day, 

Tv: BARNEY, Elmo

Movies: The Lorax though Rick is trying very hard to get her to like any animated movie

Activities: Baby Dolls, Dancing, Singing, Being outside! Cooking with mom, cracking eggs with dad, climbing, pocket books, the driver's seat of my car

Books: No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed! Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Head Book, and pretty much any of her books.

What else we have been up to? 
It has snowed TWO times (three if you count ice) this winter. The third one was the best and we were able to build a snowman family! It came down from the sky in HUGE fluffy flakes. The stuff you dream of! first she tried to catch it with her hands, then her mouth!
See how big the flakes were falling?

The next day we went to a friend's birthday party at the Marbles Museum. Sloan LOVES to hang and swing from things.

She also likes to color, paint, and DANCE!

Sloan also LOVES to play in the car, and climb just about anything:

Another thing I have yet to mention (that i can recall) is that Sloan loves to pray before meals and we typically pray about 3-4 times a meal. We hold hands and pray for dinner, then we end up folding our hands and praying a few more times. Usually she tells me "Mama Pray" then Sloan's turn. She speaks some sentences now and repeats EVERYTHING i say, especially when we are driving! It's a good thing I don't have road rage, of course having a three mile commute to work or church really helps my cause!

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