29 March 2013

Flashback Friday: 20 months

April 1982...  I was 20 months old, Sloan's age:


My sister, Nov 1981, 22 months:

Sloan genes are strong, though she must get her hair from her daddy! I think the shirt has held up quite nicely for being at least 32 years old!

27 March 2013

Day Dreaming....

Want to guess what is on my mind???

19 March 2013

20 months - Catch me if you Can!

My parents were here this weekend, and my mom made a comment about getting Sloan dressed that I have to agree with. You have to catch her first.

Sloan in her Vintage NCSU shirt!

Dressing Sloan has become a game. Catch her if you can! Sloan doesn't mind taking her clothes off. Usually that is the easy step. But unless you restrain her, you're going to have to work for it.

The first mistake I make is sitting on the floor with her clothes, waiting for her to come to me. No, that won't work.  I often have to lure her in with a phone or her shoes (which she LOVES to wear most of the time) just to catch her. But she is sly. She will come close to you and then RUN as fast as she can while arching her back to avoid being caught. When you catch her she will say, "I caught you". It is adorable.

We are definitely speaking sentences now:
Where did ___ go?  -  I did it - I like it - I want some - Look at me - I want to see - Let me see. - I got you - Catch me - I caught it - ellie HUSH!  - help mama - up please - open please - I love you - i miss you- I'll be right back - Just one -

I'm sure there are others, we have to decipher as we go. Those are the most recognizable phrases she uses.

Two days after my parents left, I mentioned to Sloan that mimi and papa brought her those new plates, and she said, "Mocha, mimi and papa bye bye, mimi and papa drive" and motioned steering a car. Translation, Mimi  and papa had to go take care of their dog Mocha and drove home.

When i ask her something and say, can you do it, she will reply, "I did it" which amazes me because she puts it in first person. I wonder if they work on that at school?  Sloan also repeats EVERYTHING we say, including the sentences.

This has been another busy month. I don't expect life to slow down until we become empty-nesters. Grammy and Granddad Beeman came to see us. Sloan had a fun time playing with Grammy and showing Granddad the backyard! She loves to point out the wa-wa (our creek).

Sloan also went on her first bike ride with her daddy this month! she LOVED it and did not want to get out until she went on a LONG ride. They were both worn out, but Sloan was still all smiles!

Next Mimi and Papa Sloan came to visit.

Sloan helped papa fix the sink and played a long time with Mimi all over the house, inside the car, and outside. She even shared her cold with Mimi!  Get well soon!

This morning was a usual day. We ate cookies and fruit for breakfast (healthy muffins of course that sloan only eats if I call them "cookies" go figure!) She also played with Mouse (minnie mouse) and her shopping cart. She loves her stuffed animals.

I also dressed her and tried to get her picture. 


Sloan has been using a booster seat since 18 months but has now graduated to a Junior chair from Ikea. We LOVE it! She often uses our chairs (or at least tries to), so we put her in a new chair more suitable for her height. She loves it, though still wants to use our chairs and we have to chase her out of them, she is an excellent climber and tough as nails. she takes a lot of falls and cries very little. We don't coddle her which helps.

Here are some of sloan's favorites:

Foods : 
Mom says: Goat Cheese, Baked potato wedges, avocado, broccoli: anything from MY plate, fruit and veggies smoothies
Dad says: French Fries (baked potato wedges), Bacon,  Mom's cupcakes (coconut flour and healthy)

Mom Says: Sesame Street and Barney though we watch very little.
Dad says; Blues clues and Bugs Bunny

Mom says: We haven't really watched any this month except Wreck it Ralph which she loved and she loves the Lorax and will run into the room every time they start singing! She especially loves the  singing fish. I played the movie on Sunday while trying to recover from a cold
Dad Says: Wreck it ralph

Mom says: Everytime we get into the car she requests "How Bad can i Be" from the Lorax by singing, "How Ba-a-a-a Be". We also enjoy singing along to Veggie Tales Sunday School songs (This little Light of Mine), and Will I Am's "What i Am"
Dad says: "Day by Day" which she will also request after dinner for a dance party. Also "hey Jude" and will grab his headphone and sing "na na na na hey jude"

Mom says: Barney flap book. Heads Book, 5 little Monkeys Jumping on the bed
Dad says: the Heads Book

Activities and Toys:
Mom says: cooking with Mama, dolls (rocking, swaddling, putting to bed etc...), pushing stuffed animals and dolls in the shopping cart, Running, Climbing, Sliding, Throwing the ball to Ellie, being outside, sidewalk chalk, spinning in a circle, Playing in the car (she could play int eh car for an hour), singing and dancing.
Dad says: Bike Rides now! Going to the park with dad and ellie, spinning in the blanket (he wraps her in a blanket and twists it up and lets it unspin to make one dizzy baby! - repeat until exhausted)

I think the two year molars are coming in. She is chewing on her hands a bit and drooling a little more than normal.  Dad and Ellie are her biggest playmates. She goes to bed well on her own and some times wants to be cuddled, while other times wants to be put in bed to fall asleep on her own. We are proud of her independence. Sloan also loves to brush her teeth but dislikes the idea of a bath. Once she is in the bath, she is happy, but the idea of stopping everything to get into the bathtub makes her sad. She also gets upset if you tell her it is almost bed time to the point of tears. She is ok with going to sleep, but dislikes the idea of it. I think her personality might one day be " The life of the party" and in her 18 month report which we received only this month ( a bit late) her teacher noted that Sloan likes to be in the middle of everything. She is incredibly funny, when I went to drop her off the other morning I hung around a bit. Her friend Tyson tripped and fell and as her teacher was telling him to pick himself up, Sloan threw herself to the ground as though she too fell. It was hilarious to watch this type I subtle humor unfold. I keep telling RICK our daughter is hilarious, but I think he might just have to wait a few more years to see what I already detect ;-) Along with that, sloan has a good sense of humor, likes to make us laugh and laugh, is gentle and tender, very affectionate, and just a very good girl.  Sloan's hair is growing out and might even curl with the humidity!

The other day I was lying on the couch and Sloan came to me and said "Back mama" and i rolled over and she started rubbing my back! (i can't wait until she is older!) She will also give many hugs and kisses to Rick, myself and Ellie. She is a total sweetie pie and we love every moment with her.

This was taken a year ago in the same shirt:

Notice the hair growth! We even had a pony tail all day Friday. When Sloan is not being silly, she is quite pensive. My serious girl!

Happy 20 months baby girl! I cannot believe you will be 2 in only 4 months! WE love you!

06 March 2013

Rethink Clean: Making the Grade

About a year ago, Sloan started eating solids, and i started rethinking how we eat and what we eat. Not just the content but the quality of food. A year later, we eat mostly organic, unprocessed foods. Foods with recognizable ingredients and a lower risk of environmental toxins. But our environment consists of much more than what we eat, and while I have been mindful of what I put on Sloan's body, safer soaps and creams, I haven't really considered the soap we use on our dishes or our clothes, aside from fragrant free, until now.

We used to buy the Kirkland-brand (read: Costco) dishwashing detergent, but they changed the fragrant from citrus to floral (even though it is still labeled "new and improved" citrus) it made my dishes taste like soap, and as a kid i remember our dishwasher had that same effect on our cups, and I always had to rinse them extra to make sure my water didn't taste like soap. Well it came back to me again with this new soap so we returned it (one of the nice things about Costco and a few of my favorite stores, is the customer service and the no questions asked return policy - Poor Rick HATES returns, but hates an unhappy wife even more). We returned this new formula, and picked up some cascade, but i cooked a coconut crusted cod-fish and sweet potato wedges the other night and i kept tasting soap. Floral soap.

A friend of mine turned me on to this website, and if you haven't checked out your household products, I encourage you to do so:
EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning
The score my dishwashing detergent received was an F.

An F was never acceptable in my regular life (let alone a C or D, though a C might be slightly tolerable) so i set out on another mission, and while I cannot completely eliminate all the toxins in my life in one year, I can set goals to reduce them, one by one, as best we can.

Most people think that eating healthier and eliminating toxins costs more money, and to an extent, it does! And if you go out and buy pre-packaged cleaning products it could get costly, but why not make it yourself! If there is anything I love more than a healthy life, it is saving money!

I found some all purpose cleaning product on a blog i follow for 40% off, which sadly (for you) ended yesterday, but I am going to try it out over the next year and see how much i like it and how long it lasts me! The timing was too good to be true! And the product has so many uses it is unbelievable  They haven't made the EWG website yet, but I am hoping to see them there with an "A" in the near future!
bb with baby

My cousin told me about the Duggar's website and they have a "recipe" for laundry detergent. He said it cost them about $10 a year (with 3 kids) on laundry soap. What a steal! I checked out the ingredients and it contains Borax, and while it might be for you, Borax also receives an F and might not be a safe choice, so I found some safer solutions since I have sensitive skin and the baby most certainly has sensitive skin. I did the same thing for dishwashing soap, and found a Borax Free solution. I can always add essential oils if i need to add some scent to it to freshen it up, but I find perfumes and strong scents to be more offensive than helpful.

Side Note: A coworker came into my office the other day and I could smell the laundry detergent on his clothes, and while i appreciated that he was "clean," I really did not appreciate the headache it gave me. These things linger, on your clothes, your body, everything. And i personally find them just as offensive as someone blaring music out the car windows or bumping their bass so loud that it shakes YOUR car windows... (yes this bothers me and always has). Maybe that makes me uncool, but I think it just makes me courteous and aware of the fact that not everyone wants to smell your TIDE surf detergent, a pack of cigarettes, or your Chanel #5 perfume. Unless we are hugging or touching one another, i shouldn't have to smell you! I find this kind of "pollution" rude and offensive and apologize for any part I might have played in this at any time in my life (college years come to mind).

Back to my blog; I have decided that am going to make my own dish soap and laundry detergent, and plan to share my results in the next couple of weeks. Do i love it? Does it work?  If it does, I will share my recipe. The ones i found, give the per load ingredients, so i have spent the time on Sunday, calculating enough for 16 loads (3 weeks of dishes, and over a month of laundry cycles) and I will sit down and figure out the cost per load. Fortunately OxyClean (my life saving stain remover) received a score of a B, and for now, I can live with that!

My next goal is to change my skin care and cooking/bake ware. I need to use stainless steel rather than teflon coated or "no stick" containers. I had to throw out one because it was flaking and I don't really wish to ingest that. So now I will be looking for a good stainless steel pan. I also have a good Iron Skillet which i like to add more IRON into my diet... that's a thing right? (my sister said it was so it must be true) One thing at a time. It could become overwhelming, but i do aspire to  do the best I can for both myself, and my family. Rome wasn't built in a day, but we sure are making leaps and bounds in that direction!

I would love to hear your ideas or products if you have any. I am going to be shopping for new makeup (foundation, powders and mascara) in the near future.  Does your brand make the grade?

03 March 2013

19 months on the 19th

Sloan won't have another 19 on 19 until her 19th birthday, the year 2030!  Her 19th month was an eventful one. First the circus, then a trip to Florida to see her aunt and cousins! We also had some wonderful snow accumulation, and some birthday party fun! I have literally crammed an entire month into one post! 

Sloan has so much fun with Carter (5.5) and Brady(4)!  She loves to follow them around, play with their toys and watch them be boys! They live near the beach (in warm climate!) and Sloan, just like me, LOVES the beach!

my silly girl!

Playing Brady's drums! The girl has rhythm!

Aunt Lori building sandcastles just as fast as Sloan can knock them down!
Just like her mom, Sloan also likes to play in the dirt!
Always a healthy snack with these children!

Sometimes we need a bigger cousin to help keep us on track.

I ran inside for one second and Sloan was fishing in the pool for a noodle! 
Sloan and Brady were running laps around the net.

More cousin love!

We love you Aunt Lori! We hope to see you Soon!

Yes, my post is 10 11 12 days late, but we have been busy and sick! Sloan was sick with 103.7 fever for a few days then was my turn to catch it! We are on the mend now!

Here are some of her favorites at 19 months:

Food:  Snap Pea Crisps,  Bacon, Potatoes, Strawberries, avocado, broccoli, raisins

Songs: How Bad Can I Be, Hey Jude, Day by Day, 

Tv: BARNEY, Elmo

Movies: The Lorax though Rick is trying very hard to get her to like any animated movie

Activities: Baby Dolls, Dancing, Singing, Being outside! Cooking with mom, cracking eggs with dad, climbing, pocket books, the driver's seat of my car

Books: No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed! Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Head Book, and pretty much any of her books.

What else we have been up to? 
It has snowed TWO times (three if you count ice) this winter. The third one was the best and we were able to build a snowman family! It came down from the sky in HUGE fluffy flakes. The stuff you dream of! first she tried to catch it with her hands, then her mouth!
See how big the flakes were falling?

The next day we went to a friend's birthday party at the Marbles Museum. Sloan LOVES to hang and swing from things.

She also likes to color, paint, and DANCE!

Sloan also LOVES to play in the car, and climb just about anything:

Another thing I have yet to mention (that i can recall) is that Sloan loves to pray before meals and we typically pray about 3-4 times a meal. We hold hands and pray for dinner, then we end up folding our hands and praying a few more times. Usually she tells me "Mama Pray" then Sloan's turn. She speaks some sentences now and repeats EVERYTHING i say, especially when we are driving! It's a good thing I don't have road rage, of course having a three mile commute to work or church really helps my cause!