05 February 2013

Self Quarantined!

Sloan caught pink eye so we had a weekend at home. I didn't realize it until Saturday evening. Fortunately I am capable of diagnosing pink eye and had some drops left over from last time she had it. Nothing like a matted shut eye to keep you home all weekend! So what did we do?
We played Doll house (i think Sloan is tenderizing the beef for the family)...

Sloan is great at playing alone with her dollhouse. It is so cute to watch her talk to the dolls and tell them stuff. She has a good imagination already. She puts the baby in the rocking chair and on the bed. She talks to them (i think)

We made cloud dough (1 part baby oil to 8 parts flour). It's like sand, only holds together better. But not quite like play dough. We had a good time balling it up, stacking it, playing catch with it, tasting it, and otherwise making a HUGE mess! But messes are fun! I'm not sure i would make this again, but it was something fun to try and gave us something to do for a bit outside since we were quarantined. 

we also played with her dolls and her cash register. She LOVES to play with the coins or "MONIES" as she calls them. I think you can see a few of them on the roof of her house. 

I have a box of my old doll stuff and clothes, blankets and newborn diapers that we put on the baby doll. She LOVES it. WE swaddle them, and sometimes she takes the TINY baby from the doll house and wants it to be swaddled too.
We also did a load of laundry. Sloan lobes to help me do the laundry and while it takes a bit longer to take from the washer to the dryer, her involvement is worth the few minutes extra. She then gets to press the button on the machine to make it start and will sit back and watch as the clothes spin around. Last night she was showing her doll and explaining to her to watch.
sloan LOVES babies! I think we could get rid of all of our toys aside from the baby dolls and doll house and she would be happy.

We also did some coloring. Elmo watching and took many naps! Never a dull moment, even when you have to stay home!

Edited to Add: We also informed anyone we came into contact with on Saturday, just to play it safe. I would hate to be the transmitter of "disease" but would rather let people know ahead of time either way!


  1. Sure sounds like you ladies were busy! Sorry she came down with pink eye, but it looks like fun was had by all since you had to stay home. That's so cute that she loves her dolls so much. I feel that way with Chloe and her stuffed animals.

  2. I don't think Jade got the baby doll gene (probably because I didn't have it either). It is all puppy love at our house! But little girls and their baby dolls are too cute!

    1. That's funny. Sloan definitely loves her stuffed dog and live one, but really enjoys the babies. i was also really into playing with my baby dolls. I think being a mom was the only thing i ever really knew i wanted to be growing up. Sloan must have that in her too :)