13 February 2013

Da Da Dadadadada CIRCUS.....

Unfortunately there was none of that song going on this Circus, but nonetheless, we went! Sloan LOVED Madagascar 3

I went to the circus once when i was in third grade. I only remember getting a green tinted plastic see through visor with lights around the band. It was very cool.  Of course PETA is outside protesting the circus, why wouldn't they, then when i see the animals, i'm like yeah, this totally sucks and i have to choke back tears for them.  No I don't think they're treated that great. I mean they ride around in a box and get let out to do their thing and then what? back in the box?  Nothing like free range...

Here's a secret i'll share with you. when the guy was in the ring with the lions and tigers, I was hoping one of them would maul him, eat him, something... I kept saying, get him! get him! Of course, nothing happened, and lets be honest. there would have been some pretty scarred kids (i think Sloan would have been too young to follow what was going on aside from the screams from the crowd) but it seems pretty sad, and the animals looked sad. It made me think twice about the whole thing.

Before the circus, Rick took Sloan down to the floor to see the Elephants and the clowns. I drew a circle around them!

Here is sloan's face when the animals first came out -  wide eyed watching the elephants.

Sloan had a great time! I picked seats in the front row of the Club section and was grateful I did. We had nice swivel chairs and nobody could kick us in our backs because the seats behind us were about 3 feet back and a wall between us. I picked the front row on the Aisle, and, there was a glass window that Sloan could look through. It was like her own private circus. We could have had lower level tickets for the same cost, but something about being sandwiched between everyone, especially when Sloan didn't sit still the entire time, would have made for a miserable experience.

She also had a great time playing on the stairs, which was nice for the slower transitions. She watched the circus in spurts, and for the most part did a great job! She LOVED the elephants, dancing to the music, and all of the lights and colors.
When the elephants went inside, she looked at Rick and myself and said, where did they go? (with her hands)

All in all, I was happy with our seat selection and grateful I selected the front row aisle. We had a great time at the circus, though i won't recommend it for children under age 3 or 4. Especially for a 7pm show! too late for our baby who went to bed overly stimulated and had a had time staying asleep!

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  1. I don't even know if the circus comes to our town. We probably have too many hippies. :) What did she think of the clowns?