03 January 2013

New Year Resolutions!

My only goal for 2013 is to finish my PhD in Statistics by the end of the year. I'm not a fan of  new year's resolutions. I think every day you should strive to be a better you, so why only do it one day a year, only to fail by mid-Jan? This year I also plan to wean Sloan at some point. This is going to be a difficult task but will be a necessary step as we approach her second birthday. Other than that, I plan to be a better employee, a kinder person, and spend more time unplugged. I am also reading through the entire bible and I plan to complete that this year ( i started in December ).

Over the past year, Rick and I have LOST more than 40 pounds ( at least 20 pounds each!)  My life goal is to maintain my healthy habits, while his goal (imposed by me) is to continue improving his eating habits. Rick has come a long way. In fact, for New Years day he ate an entire bowl of vegetable soup and has commented that he liked it and even likes broccoli and spinach.  Our daughter is a pretty healthy eater and we want to continue her on that path to ensure she is equipped with the proper tools to make healthy choices later in life.

I want to recap the last 10 days for you.

Christmas Eve:
Santa came to our house early since Sloan was such a good girl. We actually did this to give us an extra day together since Rick had to work the day after Christmas and we travel on Christmas day.

Our child scored big time! pardon the blinds/window treatments, or lack thereof. It is on my short list for 2013. Before you go saying how spoiled my child is, I will have you know, we spent around $100 on her for Christmas. If you look closely at the stuff she got, you'd see that I got some fantastic steals plus some gently used items
From Santa/Us: Loving Family Dollhouse, Wooden Shopping Cart, Stella Doll, Zebra bouncy, Billy the Bull, Basektball goal, Monkey Cradle Swing, Truck, Brave, Lorax, Horton Hears a Who, Rio, 2 Melissa Doug Wooden Puzzles, Book, $1 bill, Small Candy Cane, Small Doll, Sesame Street "MP3 player" (it has three preset songs), LeapTop computer and an Elmo balloon.
From Others (that we collected on our journey): Cash Register, FP Pocketbook, piggy bank, stacking balls, truck, big legos, hand puppets, another smaller dollhouse, puppy/vet kit, Sneezing Elmo, a shape sorter, and some cash. We have toys coming out of our ears!
Sloan's favorite? The dollhouse!

What a MESS!

Eating banana snowmen for breakfast with Yummy Santa Milk!


Rick and Sloan also enjoyed playing with his toy helicopter - the only thing i've genuinely heard him ask for,  for three years straight! He finally got it!

That evening, we had church at 4pm. Our church had 4 tons of snow placed the hill and after the service, Sloan and I went sledding. Being the daredevil that she is, she loved it!
Christmas morning we woke up, played with toys for a little bit, then hit the road to my grandmother's house where we met up with my parents, and my sister's family. Sloan didn't like that her cousin was on her daddy's lap so she had to get up too! She is not very good at sharing her parents attention and affection right now. We will have to work on that this year.

Sloan is great at opening presents!

Christmas dinner is always spent at my aunts house with the entire Sloan family. Brady (4) fed dinner to Sloan. Then uncle steve and aunt Lori loved on her. Lori really wants a baby girl, and in the end, Steve wants Lori to be happy. Time will tell.

My cousin Christina has three boys and a mystery baby on the way (they will find out the gender this month!) This is her third baby, Luke. He is EXACTLY 9 months older than Sloan
Everything is a hat to Sloan. She really makes us laugh!

Rick had to leave early so he could get to work the next day. He was a little disappointed he missed out on the family photograph. Missing this year are, Rick, Uncle Lee and Edwin, and Edwin's wife Linda. I think that's it. Oh and my cousin Stacey but she never comes, and my brother Matt. We are expecting at least 2 new babies in 2013, but you never know what other surprises might come along. I

Sloan and I took a little road trip after that. First we spent two days with my Papaw (my mom's dad). Lori and the kids came up too. We went on a tractor ride, but mostly played inside due to the rainy weather. Sloan loves her Great Papaw.

Then Sloan and I went to visit my friends in Greenville, SC where I grew up. My parents have since moved away from Greenville, so it has been difficult for me to make it back very often since I am often balancing my time with so many other things..  This is the family i babysat from 1994-2002. (pics below are from 12/2012, 8/1999, and 12/2000)  Sloan LOVED playing with the Dugas family and I think they loved her too!

Then we went to see the Willis family, and back to my parents in Rock Hill, SC.  Sloan is a good road trip companion. She sings and claps along to the music when she isn't sleeping!
Rick met me at my parents on his days off. We both really missed him a ton! It's amazing how much you miss someone once they're absent.
At my parents, Sloan had a 9 person Ring around the Rosie going on! Uncle Steve and Lori, Mom and Dad, Rick and myself, and cousins Carter and Brady. She is quite the take charge girl. It started with just carter and brady and then she kept pointing and adding one more person until we were all involved.
Carter and Brady weren't so sure about Sloan being near their race track. "no sloan, you're breaking it!"

Finally we went back home to all her new toys and a LOT of cleaning up to do with unpacking. Apparently her Stella doll is just as good as a basketball.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Sloan's dollhouse is adorable! The jury is still out on whether Jade will like dolls or not. :) Looks like Sloan had a great Christmas!

    I am on the same page as you with the New Year's resolutions. We should want to be better people every day.

    Finally, this is really nosy of me, but I'm wondering if you're pregnant again! There were several things in this post that kind of made me think that... :)

    We are going to be weaning this year as well - probably around Jade's 2nd birthday. We'll have to compare notes and tips.