23 January 2013

If i Could Freeze Time... Happy 18 months baby girl!

If i could freeze time, I would freeze it now, well actually, I would wait for the weekend and then freeze it.

18 months has ALWAYS been my favorite age and i am constantly reminded why.
Sloan is SO.MUCH.FUN! This morning as i was getting her dressed she said "BEE" and pointed to the bumble bee on the pocket of her hoodie.

I waited to make this post until we had our check up. All looks good. She doesn't seem to have any physical or developmental delays, and is progressing nicely. She understands every thing we say. The doctor remarked that she was the best behaved 18 month old that she has seen in a long time. She also asked Sloan if she wanted to come with her when she left the room and Sloan grabbed her hand and marched to the door. We weren't expecting that! My stranger anxious baby is getting brave and is no longer clinging to me for dear life (unless we are in the frigid pool!)

The other day, I asked Sloan to go into the other room and get three things, and she came back with two (her hands were full), and then turned around to get the third. She listens MOST of the time when we ask her not to do something, and rarely has a full on meltdown. She is just amazing and so well behaved. ( for a toddler*)

Sloan is 33" tall (85%) and 23 lbs 11 oz (65%). I am exactly double my height from my 18 month appointment, so my prediction is that Sloan will be around 5'6", which is perfect, just tall enough to not have to get your pants hemmed!

Sloan's top canines broke the skin on Christmas day and have finally made their way in (probably halfway now) and her bottom canines are breaking the skin as we speak!  Sloan likes to get into EVERYTHING.
Just the other day, as I was preparing our home for bible study, Sloan was supposed to be coloring with the one crayon I gave to her. She had a different plan.
Here are a few of her favorite things:

TV Shows: Sesame Street.  - we watch very little TV still, but when we do, we often find ourselves turning to see what Elmo is up to.

Movie: The Lorax. She likes to sing, "How Ba-a-a-a-d  can i be?"

Music:  Dad says The Hooters - "Day by Day" ,
            Mom says  "Baby Bumblebee" and "ABC" or whatever i'm singing to her.

Food:    Nuts (Almonds and Cashews) and Honey! Noodles. Strawberries. Bacon.

Activity:     Dolls and Dollhouse! She also likes to read books, sit at her table and pour food from one container  to the next and stir the pot. The other day i caught her taking water from her cup on the table and pouring it into Tupperware then chasing the dog saying, drink, drink.. She hand feeds the dog her food when she can get away with it.. She also takes food into "her kitchen" and cooks them again and then serves herself. She LOVES to play with daddy. He puts her in cloth shopping bags, boxes, and blankets and carries her around, spins her, swings her, etc... She loves the carousel and the slides at the park. Last week she went on the seesaw for the first time and was quite "reluctant" to get off! She is a thrill seeker for sure! She also likes to watch YouTube videos. On Saturday, she and Rick were looking at funny cats. She plays well by herself and seldom needs to be supervised (aside from normal parental supervision)

Books: "Where is Baby" flap books. How big is Baby Elmo (she likes to turn to the page where he is eating a banana and drinking from a cup and pointing them out to me), and counting books. She also likes Eric Carle books.

OPENING DOOR KNOBS! Handles are one thing but now, she can turn the knobs. Being tall has it's privileges.
Here is a summary of our last few weeks:
On Sunday the 13th we were in tank tops and shorts....

On Friday the 18th, we were in snow gear, sort of. We got a mild dusting.

Sloan did this herself while we were reading a book. It was too cute not to snap a quick photo!

Enjoying a rare "mini-sucker" from the doctor's office.
Helping me bake date "cookies"

When did our baby get so big?

Anytime I think she has so little hair, i can look at how far she has come in a year!


  1. Getting to be such a big girl! Aww, she took the doctor’s hand? What a sweetie she is!

    Haha, the expression on her face in the crayon picture is priceless.

    I can’t believe she’s tall enough to reach the door knobs! We’ve been talking lately how we are so not ready for Chloe to get to that point (luckily I think we are safe for another several months).

  2. Sloan and Jade love some of the same shows (Sesame Street and The Lorax) and and songs (the ba-a-a-a-d one). :) How cute! Jade tried to eat crayons too, so we put them away for awhile. For some reason, markers don't have the same appeal!