03 December 2012

Getting ready to Potty Train?

My baby girl is growing up too fast!
As I have mentioned, Sloan has been going on the potty for me pretty regularly, but just peeing. Well that all changed this weekend. 

For the past week or so, Sloan has recently been telling me when she went #2 by saying,, POO-POO and grabbing the back of her diaper. On Saturday morning, she said this to me, but then went and sat on her potty (in her diaper) and pooped. Today, she repeated similar behavior, so i asked her if i could take her diaper off and let her sit on the potty and she said yes. I sat her down, told her to push, and voila, my kid pooped in the potty. 

Being the proud mommy that i am, I took a picture for her daddy  and grandparents to see, but no, i will not share it here with you. There are some lines that even I will not cross. Shocking i know!

So now what? Sloan's teachers have told me that she is incredibly smart. As her mother and father, Rick and I already believe this, BUT we are very biased. Don't most parents believe that their kid is so very smart and talented ? Sloan's school does not officially start potty training until they are in the next class (Age 2-3) and with the delay in moving up, she could be as much as 26 months old before she moves up. That is 10 months away.

I have heard that there is a window where the child shows readiness, and you have to take advantage or you might have to wait longer. I don't want to miss that window. So assuming Sloan continues to show interest in the next few weeks, I plan to potty train her over Christmas break after we return from Christmas Travel. Her teachers said they have a potty she can use if we do end up training her. 

How exciting. I guess it really is time to have another baby. Give me time! I'm still enjoying this one. Like they say, you can only have JUST ONE once. Once the next one comes, you'll never have just one again.

This made me laugh this weekend. Sloan fell asleep in my arms and when i went to lay her down, the pillow just happened to be in front of her car. Almost looks like the poor girl got hit by her car! It made me giggle.

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  1. We think Jade has been in the potty training window of opportunity for a while now too, and we are also trying to capitalize on it! She has been doing the reverse of Sloan - consistent with poops but not with pees. We'll see what happens.... It definitely is nice to not have to wash as many dirty diapers. :)