14 December 2012

Flashback Friday: Christmas 1981

I don't particularly REMEMBER this Christmas, I was only about a month younger than Sloan is now, but isn't this so cute!

In case you cannot tell, I am the baby on the right, and about 16 months. My older sister Lori is the cutie on the left. She was a month shy of 3. I always think that Sloan has her dad's eyes (shape), but looking at this picture, i definitely see my daughter. Not identical, but similar.

Today we are going to take our holiday photo if all goes according to plan. Yup, i'm super behind, but that's just how it played out this year. I will likely mail them out next weekend, in time to arrive just after Christmas. I'll be sure to add "Happy New Years" to the card. I might get daring and hand-make the cards, but that could all change once i get started.

We have a super busy weekend planned. Today after our photo is Sloan's holiday party. There is a snow day at a local promenade. Then we have a birthday party to attend in the afternoon. Sunday is church, as usual, and our Small Group is having a holiday party and gift exchange. I better get all my baking and crafting done! Have a great weekend! 11 more days until Christmas!

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