12 December 2012

Baby's First Haircut!

Ok People. I am going to step on some toes here. My child was growing something between a rat-tail and a mullet. My goodness it was starting to look bad, and as much as I want to hold onto the little bit of hair she has, nothing annoys me more than a child with stringy or overgrown hair.  I know all the moms out there have good intentions, but little boys with long curly hair look like little girls.

Once my sister, mother, nephew and myself were shopping at the grocery store. He was dressed in all brown and blue, and had long curly hair. A lady came up to us and remarked, What a pretty little girl.Why you ask? Because of his pretty curly hair! His father finally put an end to the nonsense and had his curls chopped off. He is almost 15 months in these pictures and look at all that hair!

As a result, the following Christmas, he had nice little boy hair.

I know I can't do anything about people calling Sloan a little boy shy of sticking bows on her head. Cool if that's your thing, but I think bows look good in hair, not wrapped around bald heads. I just don't like hairless babies with huge bows. I think it looks stupid.  Smaller bows are "ok" but the big ones i detest. Below sloan is modeling a big bow on a little head to help me prove a point. Actually she is just being funny!

What I can do is make sure my kid doesn't have a mullet or stringy mess. I was reluctant to cut her hair because she has so little of it, but now that the humidity has left the air, it doesn't curl up like it did over the summer and looks bad. At any rate, baby sloan got her first hair cut, and she did better than expected. A (*very patient) friend from church that I kept the nursery with on Sunday who just so happens to be a hairdresser, did it for us! Much less intimidating than sitting in the chair at the salon!  Pics on the left are the before, stringy mess, and pics on the right show her fuller, thicker hair, that we hope will now continue to grow ! I think it looks much better. don't you?


  1. A nice difference - bet it will grow better now that it's been de-mulleted!

  2. I could never get into the big bows on a bald head either. Even with hair, I think Chloe will only sport the little ones. I like Sloan showing off her big bow though.

    And JJ's mom constantly was asked how old her daughter was (when speaking about JJ) because his mom held off cutting his long, blonde, curly locks for too long also.

    I think Sloan looks great with her new do! Glad to hear it wasn't as traumatic is Chloe's experience.

  3. Sloan looks so polished. I am toying with the idea of taking Jade... she's fine in the back and on the sides, but her hair in the front is getting so long. Without a bow or clip, it's constantly falling in her eyes. I'm just scared to have someone cutting bangs for such a squirmy kiddo!