20 December 2012

17 months - a month in review

Sloan's biggest milestone to date is that she is speaking sentences.

 "No more monkey's " (jumping on the bed)
 "To see lights" (on the way to the Griswold's house) We have some neighbors that go all out for Christmas and we love it! Since all the foliage has died for the winter, you can see this house from our kitchen window once it gets dark outside. After dinner we walk to this house to let sloan play on the sidewalk out front. She loves to see the Rocking Santa (Rock-Rock, Rock Rock), and the drumming bear. She observes for a few moments, and then says night night to them. We always promise we will see them "tomorrow".  Mentioning the lights to Sloan in the middle of dinner is likened to telling the dog we're going for a walk and then waiting a half hour before taking her. Not a good idea if you want to get her to finish eating. We plan to go every night until Christmas morning!

"I'm going to tickle you", mimicking my tone as I chase her around the house.

The rest is just jibber-jabber, but she is really talking. Not just babbling, but attempting to say things. We are going to be "blessed" with a talker, which is no surprise given her parents personalities. Just this morning, Sloan was in her dad's closet describing his shirts. Or talking to them. I think she was telling his Oakland A's jersey that it will likely stay there in the back, since nobody really cheers for the A's around here, unless A stands for Atlanta Braves!

Our holiday season has been much different than last year. Sloan is aware of Santa and will put on a Santa Hat and go around saying "ho-ho-ho" as you can see on her lips below. She does not like the real Santa though. She also can recognize rudolph and frosty. 

Sloan probably has about 75-100 words in her vocabulary if i sat down and listed them all. The kid is bright and I can no longer keep up with a list of her words. Her favorite sounds seems to be the "K" sound.  Like Oscar (the Grouch), Cookie (monster), Milk, Snack, Truck, Duck, Fork, Book. Chick(en), Rock.

This has been a very busy month. Working backwards, we went to a Birthday Party at the life science museum and Sloan watched a turtle in an aquarium and squealed with excitement. TUR-TLE! She is finally warming up to strangers to the point I don't have to hold her for very long once we get somewhere, especially if there are dogs or other children around. Sloan loves dogs and has not met one that has scared her. A yorkie-poo nipped her finger the other day and she laughed at it.  We went to the Holiday Express celebration at Pullen Park (a local park near down Raleigh that has an antique carousel that has been fully restored and a train). She also got to sit on Santa's lap - Sloan was not a fan. Since I am the photographer, Rick dropped her onto Santa's lap, and i quickly snapped some photos.

Sloan LOVED riding the carousel! It went pretty fast but she is such a little daredevil that it did not surprise me how much she enjoyed it. Rick held on and i rode by her side. 

We then went to ride the train. Fortunately there was a picture to color while we waited

Sloan's favorite food is probably  Pasta and Banana. I cannot believe the quantities of pasta this child consumes on pasta night, which only comes around every other week.  Sloan's (half) sister Lindsey loves pasta, so perhaps this is a Beeman trait. Our child can literally consume adult quantities of the stuff and not bat an eye. We buy organic corn pasta or quinoa pasta to keep it healthier and gluten free. She still loves avocados too.

Her favorite tv show is probably anything Elmo, though we hardly watch TV. Sloan does go to movies with her daddy every once in a while, and sometimes will even sit still.

Sloan loves music. Her favorite song is "What I Am" by Will I Am and "Hey Jude" By the Beatles. She sings along to the latter, "na-na-na, hey Juuuu", we think it is adorable. She also generally loves Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and anything with a lively beat.  She will sing along to most songs and likes to dance. Sloan also likes Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snow Man, and Rudolph

Sloan and I made gifts for her teachers at school. This consisted of handprint ornaments and baked goodies which doesn't necessarily fall into the healthy category, but we used good ingredients if that counts for anything. Chocolate and PB fudge (it's a Sloan tradition), Ginger Cookies, and butterscotch Haystacks.

Sloan loves to play with her dolls, the dog, her puzzles and books, and generally run around outside. She still loves to pretend to cook in her toy kitchen, and climb on top of the kitchen and dining room tables when she can get away with it.

Rick had a Santa suit from work that he brought home and we were able to take a friendlier santa photo with, that is ONCE she got used to the beard.

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  1. Time really does fly by - just ask your mother..