09 November 2012

TRIX is NOT for my kid!

The other day I dropped Sloan off to school a bit late and it was an early snack day (due to playground scheduling).  Much to my surprise, the children were being served KIX cereal. No wait, i said that wrong, TRIX. Maybe it was Fruity Pebbles. It was rainbow colored and fruity smelling, but I assure you, this contained NO fruit.

What is a mom to do? I send in Sloan's snacks due to her dairy allergy (as well as my reticence to blindly let her eat whatever they serve when there is no menu for snacks). I also have a note that she is not to eat the snacks being served in school and I will send in my own for her.

Call me crazy and overprotective, Call me whatever you want, But i know people that are adults, and REFUSE to eat healthy food. Somewhere along the line, they were "trained' to eat fast food. They are allowed to eat french fries, hamburgers and chicken nuggets as staples, and refuse to try a salad or eat a vegetable. Call me extreme. I don't really care.

We lead by example and what we do, our children will do.  We create a cycle, a viscous life cycle that can either do good or harm. The choice is ours. And while we do the best we can, do we ever sit back and think about something so minor as food and how it really effects everyone and everything around us?

What is my point here?  Is this really about the trix?
Yes and No.

Some of my in-laws bought into these diet shakes and i thought about trying to sell them to make some money. Who doesn't want to make money and what better way to make money than to have a skinny person sell you a diet/health shake right? It's all a big pyramid scheme, but I thought for a second I might want to give it a shot, You would never use an overweight personal trainer or dietitian (WOULD YOU?) and  you wouldn't buy a weight loss program  from someone who is at an unhealthy weight.

So after observing weight loss in my relatives, I seriously thought about buying into this scheme. Ok, maybe i just inquired, but to me that is serious! Unfortunately, I also began to grow a bit apprehensive. So i gathered the info and checked out the ingredients, and was quite alarmed. I even fact checked with my nutritionist sister to make sure I wasn't being overly dramatic. So I also went to my trusty friend GOOGLE and found some very good links to support my apprehension.

Here is how it works:
The program asks you to drink a 90 calorie meal replacement shake, full of fillers and basically low-caloric fluff (chemicals), and suggests for weight loss, you take this drink twice a day to replace two meals. But it is ok, you can add fruit to it to add bulk (how much fruit does it take to really increase the calories?) Then you are allowed to eat whatever you want for the third meal. I have seen results in the same way that anyone who stops eating two meals a day would exhibit. People that typically eat out 2-3 times a day, now only eat out once a day have lost weight. Imagine that. Are you shocked? As my dear husband pointed out, anyone eating only one meal a day will lose weight. I added, yes and your stomach will shrink and you will eat less for the other meal. Replacing high calorie restaurant food with a liquid replacement void of the butter/oil and sugars you find in a restaurant. Have you ever had an anorexic friend? Because I have, and eating one meal a day is borderline anorexia..

Rather than taking the time to teach our children healthy eating habits, Are we really teaching them to skip meals, replace them with chemicals, and then carry on for one meal a day eating whatever they like. Where is the discipline here? Where is the education on being healthy? I don't see it. Rather than fix the problem (poor nutrition) we mask it with a quick fix (skip meals, take vitamins)... But i only see a band-aid for a bigger problem. And while i am proud of these people for losing weight, unless you make a real life change, you're only delaying the inevitable, and perhaps exacerbating or creating other health issues down the road. What if you knew someone who lost weight on this product, and months later discovered a heart condition. Could this be a coincidence?  Shouldn't weight loss  be improving your health, not destroying it ?  There are no coincidences, are there?

A quick fix diet is never healthy  nor does it sustain. Trust me. I have lost weight countless ways, and the ONLY way I have ever kept it off, is by changing my lifestyle, habits, and eating practices.

Back to the TRIX,  Who in their right mind thinks that it is OK to serve this crap to babies ? Are you out of your minds? Why not give them a high caloric natural grain like granola? Or rice puffs? Or oatmeal. Why on earth are our babies being served this crap in a place they are cared for, and why hasn't anyone said anything to stop this? Maybe i am over-reacting, but I really don't think my child needs to even know that sugary cereal exists. I am hoping she has forgotten about the Halloween sucker we allowed her to eat. The longer we can encourage (force?) her to eat healthy, the more lasting the impact we might have on her choices. So for now, I send in her snacks, and while it creates more work for me, I can sit at my desk, and not worry about what they are feeding her. Hopefully this cereal isn't a regular occurrence for the other children who do eat whatever they serve in the school, but it makes me question the person making these choices for the kids.

The  bottom line is that the children who I have observed to be overweight, eat like crap - Processed foods, full of sugar, starch, fats, you name it. If i can teach Sloan to make good choices, I hope she can avoid a struggle with the scale!

I feel better after having talked to a few of the mothers from my child's school. They agree, TRIX IS NOT FOOD! That's my rant for today. I will likely step on toes and frankly, i don't care. Because if you don't care about what you put inside your body, neither will your children. The alarming increasing rates of cancer, disease and obesity are enough to make me stop and ask, if you don't take care of yourself. Who Will?

I may not be perfect, but my backup plan for my child will never be sugary cereal. Sure we have allowed  her to eat things that make me cringe and she most certainly has shoved some very questionable things into her mouth. But at the end of the day, it is about how we teach her on  a day to day basis. And i want her to know that I am going to teach her to make good choices.
Next year we plan to let the Switch Witch come and take all her candy and replace it with a toy. this year, her candy has been hidden and will not be given to her. Out of sight, out of mind! (i haven't decided what to do with it yet)


  1. That is ridiculous. The only "sugary" cereal my daughter gets is KIX and that is in small portions. She would much rather snack on an apple, or grapes, or a banana and that's how I LIKE IT!

  2. Well said..I agree completely and we try todo the same thing in our family. Just throw the Halloween candy away or not sure if anyone in your town does it but we have a couple dentist offices around here that will pay you so much per pound just so they can throw it away for you.

  3. I love that Jade's school does healthy snacks like homemade granola and fruit on most days. They will also serve homemade pumpkin bread or muffins for snacks as well. Occasionally, they do sunflower seed rice krispy treats, and even though they are made from scratch there, I always send something else that is more nutritious. I don't blame you at all for sending her own snacks every day!