01 November 2012

The Morning After:

 Sloan ate an awesome dinner last night. FOUR servings of PEAS! She was one hungry cow! I think because she knew she needed the energy to march up and down the street (and all the steep driveways!)
All ready to go Trick or Treating, her daddy stayed home to pass out candy. At first Sloan was a little apprehensive. But once she got to ring a few doorbells and realized she was getting "goodies" added to her pumpkin, she caught on (quickly), often grabbing handfuls. She also didn't want anyone to put the candy in her bucket. Since fine motor skills as well as a sense of  independence are being developed, Sloan wanted to place each piece of candy individually into her bucket, all by herself!

Our homes are on hills, so the houses on one side have steep incline up, the houses on our side have a steep incline down (until you reach the bottom of the cul-de-sac). I wasn't expecting to make it down the entire street, we live on the 100 block so i expected to round out the 200's, visit Mr. Potter (a colleague) on a side street to say hi to him and his doggies, and then back home, but we not only completed the entire street, but also the cul-de-sac that shoots off from ours.

 About six houses in, we ran into the neighbors!
They were nearly done, and we were just getting started, so we took a pic, and off we went!

Sloan started warming up as we continued. She enjoyed petting all the neighborhood dogs. She enjoyed looking inside houses with out dogs, as if to say, Where is your dog? (she really loves doggies, all appropriately called Ellie) She loved carrying her bucket, and at one point I had to ask for a grocery bag so that I could dump her bucket out since it was getting so heavy. (she would NOT let me hold it for her). She also enjoyed diving into the candy, hands wide open, but she also listened when neighbors told her, pick one, she would pick just one. BUT when they said, grab more, she went for it! She also knew when it was time to turn around and go to the next house, and she would say BYE BYE and off she went. 
Several times i asked her if she was ready to go home. She shook her head NO. Do you want to go get more candy, She shook her head YES.
By the time we made it to the end of the street, I had Sloan saying (to no one in particular) Happy Halloween! She Moo'ed for one family. She said bye bye to several, and she actually said Happy Halloween and  Thank You (sounds like Da Du)  to the last couple of neighbors.
She stopped to sample a lollipop along the way, but i was able to limit it to just one dum-dum!

Ultimately, I was carrying Sloan from doorstep to doorstep, so her only job was ring doorbell and look cute. I think this is how we made it as long as we did. My arms sure are sore today! But the baby did score! Now to hide the candy and only give it out in small limited portions (like one a week). I can't have her thinking candy is an every day thing!
Not bad for a one year old huh?

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