18 November 2012

Reasons to Rant

Every now and again i rant about food and what i put into my body. I rant about what I feed my baby. I rant about what you feed your baby. But i do it with good reason.

Have you ever seen Forks over Knives? It is a good place to start, and it hit home with me.

Here is the thing, I still believe in moderation. I still lack self control, after all, I am  human, but i still cannot escape the ramifications of indulging in a less than pure diet.

From as early as I can remember, I have had a sweet tooth. Hell, I like all food, but especially sweets. In college when the cafeteria was an all you can eat dessert buffet, I was quite overweight. It just tasted so good to me, i had to have it. And lots of it.

As i grew older, I had an issue with my bowels. IBF is likely what it might be called. I call it painful bloating and blockage. And that is putting it mildly. My college roommates mother  (a nurse to a proctologist) once gave me some pills that she swore by and they had no effect on me. By the ripe age of 24, I had my first colonoscopy, a procedure saved for most people on their 50th birthday and yet I was not even halfway there.

After repeated trips to a proctologist, I ultimately underwent the knife, only to discover in recovery that I was pregnant with Sloan. Nothing like a pregnancy to undo any benefits of a hemorrhoidectomy. Yeah, try googling that and not getting sick!

What's my point?

What I put into my body has a direct effect on what comes out of my body, or in my case, doesn't come out.  My proctologist kept urging me to eat more fiber. But my diet consisted of so much fiber I was going to explode, and a lot of good it did to me, so I finally decided to go another route. I listened to my sister who dedicated her life to helping people get their nutrition right. At first I thought she was a fanatic, and at times, I still do. But she helped her youngest child who has severe food allergies thrive, so I knew she was onto something. Plus the logic in all of this is irrefutable.

The fact is, i can eat all the fiber I want, but as long as i shove processed foods, especially refined flours (read: BREAD) into my body, Foods that stick to your insides like glue and are very hard to digest,  I will still suffer.  So I took a food challenge as detailed in this blog post, and noticed the differences immediately. I had already cut out dairy due to the fact it made Sloan spit-up every time i nursed her if my milk contained dairy, and now, anytime i eat ice cream, cheese, or anything full of cow byproduct (aside from steak) my stomach wrenches in knots. And even beef doesn't always settle well with me.

It has amazed me how much my body and health have changed ever since making this life change in my diet. A simple change such as eating whole food.

My husband is still not on board  but he is making good progress, and choosing healthier options some of the time. I have to constantly remind myself that I am not in control of him, only myself and what i put on the table for my family. I still deviate from time to time, and when i do, i suffer.  What a difference in life, my weight, and my health these life changes has brought. After all, I am merely eating the way God intended all along.

Is that so bad?

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