19 November 2012

Have 16 months really passed us by?

What a difference a year makes!
Today Sloan is 16 months old. Her hair is growing like wildfire as are her verbal skills.


Here are a list of the words I have heard her use:

Ball, Hat, Dog, Don (her granddad Beeman), Papa, Dada, Mama, Ellie, Sock, Shoe, Fish, Turtle, Frog, Duck, Happy, Jesus, I love you, All done, Me, Sloan, Nose, No,  Help Please, More, Thank You, Truck, Car, Block, Hello, Bye Bye, Water, Rock, Book, Milk, Door, Juice, Up, and Down. She knows Ring around the Rosie, and will say "Ashes Ashes", and "Fall Down". She knows Open and Shut. Trash. Yuck. Cow and MOO. Cock a Doodle Doo.

During a FaceTime chat with Mimi and Grandpa Sloan, Sloan took her ring stacker apart and put it back in order. I was so proud.

She loves to wear hats, play with her dolls and animals, as well as little people. She loves my closet, especially putting on my boots and carrying my purses. She also loves to brush her teeth and would likely do it 10 times a day if we let her. Sloan has 12 teeth now (eight front and all four one-year molars).

She likes to feed herself with a fork:

She likes to climb on anything such as kitchen tables, but she responds well to SLOAN GET DOWN, most of the time. :)

Every night we have a dance party where we listen to the music channel.Every evening after dinner she grabs the remote, points it to the TV, and starts dancing. This is her way of telling us it is time to dance! She also likes to twirl around, "get low" and shake her arms and hands while dancing.. She tries to jump, and in my opinion, toddlers just before they learn how to jump are the cutest things and i will try to make a video soon!

Sloan is also very funny. She likes "slapstick" humor, such as, me hitting myself in the face. Me falling on the floor. She will hit herself in the face and laugh. She will rub food into her hair and laugh.  The other morning when i was asleep, she put a pacifier in my mouth (well she tried, i sleep with my mouth closed). She found this hilarous!

Looking for ninja turtles:

Feeding her friends 

Giving the lion a pacifier

Washing her hands. She goes to her toy sink and makes a Shhhhhhh sound to emulate running water! She also fills up pretend cups with water and bakes the best meals!

18  months has always been my favorite age, and we are really in that time span now. I LOVE this baby girl with all my heart and am seriously enjoying every little moment!

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