01 October 2012

Monday Funny

September 2011
September 2012
 My cousin Charlie married Jennifer. She had Cadence Delane four months before Sloan was born. Sloan and her second cousin will get lots of pics together as they grow. Sloan is a bit shorter than her cousin, but she's gonna catch her one of these days. Look at the progress she made in a year!

I smelled something so first i check Sloan's diaper - Nothing there. Cadence thinks it's funny and Sloan is focusing on putting on a brave face for the Grandpa behind the camera!

Next Jennifer checks Cadence's diaper. Sloan finds this appalling, so much that she covers her mouth in disbelief. Cadence thinks it is so embarrassing

The verdict? STINKY BABY GAS. :)  At least we hope it came from a baby!

Happy Monday!

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