17 October 2012

Along Came a Spider: Wreath Re-Do

Remember my lovely hydrangea wreath?

The large one,  hung on the front door, was completely bleached by the sun and wound up looking like a dead hanging wreath - pathetic and void of color... Along came a Spider.... seriously. A spider took up residence in the wreath and built a nice web in the middle. I noticed as I opened the front door to receive a package. This was fine with me, since we have a nice writing spider living in our mailbox with a beautiful web hanging from the post. It's actually quite lovely.

During a quick trip to Walmart for a toy-box, I had another AHA moment... Less than $2 later, i transformed a dry, brown, wreath, into a beautiful (in my opinion) Festive Halloween Wreath!  Black Spraypaint and some orange flowers! What do you think? I personally think that a Halloween wreath for under $3 is a pretty great deal. I have so many more ideas for future holiday wreaths!!  I really enjoy making home decor myself! It's not perfect, but it's mine!

All that's missing is a spider, (that sloan and I plan to fashion ourselves from pipe cleaners and a round object of some sort) If that doesn't work, Target has some cutes ones for $2.50 in the dollar spot, but we prefer the DIY version.

The smaller wreath is still hanging on the inside of our house and doing beautifully! See for yourself!

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