16 October 2012

A-Mazing Day!

We checked off an item (or two) off our list this weekend! We went to the Corn Maze! (and ate a picnic lunch - though technically not "at the park" so we will do this again soon!) 

First we had to check out the GIANT pumpkin!

The giant pumpkin was much too sunny for one of us to keep our eyes open :)

While Rick went to get our check list and flag, Sloan and I played corn hole, sort of..

Finally Rick got the flag and downloaded the app to navigate the check points. Sloan had her own plan though. Where ya going Sloan?

 Oh, she had to stop and smell the flowers!

We let Sloan take the lead from there... We tried to use the app to do the quiz/checkpoints, but the goal was to make it out of the maze without losing anyone, so it was more fun to just follow her lead!

Finding a flag like daddy's

 Wandering around the corn,
 taking a few breaks along the way. 
We made it out in less than an hour (i think). 
Once we finished we went to play in the sandpile then the spider web! Then we went and had a picnic lunch which was just enough to re-energize our toddler! Next up, the bouncy house for kids under age 4! She enjoyed bouncing without being trampled by the big kids!

 A quick "hayride" to wind the afternoon down, Sloan is really getting sleepy here!
 She nearly fell asleep in the swing but did not want to get out. Needless to say, our day was finished, and quite successful ! I think the photographs speak for themselves!


  1. Good for you checking things off your list!! I wanted to go to our cider mill this past weekend, but it rained. I'm hoping to make it there this week.

  2. You can definitely tell that she had fun! We've thought about going to a corn maze here - I think Jade would have fun running through it.

  3. Love your jean jackets! Looks like you each had a great time and I'll bet she slept really hard!