28 October 2012


We had a very busy weekend. 
On Friday, Sloan and her daddy had a date while i went to get a hair cut. 
On Saturday, Sloan had her friends over for a costume party. She woke up and wore her purple Pixie costume and played in her sand "box" while she waited for her friends to arrive. The leaves are really falling quickly here, as Sloan pointed out...

Here is a group shot of Sloan and her friends: Avery, Oscar, Aarnavi, Jake, and Curley (that's the bear i got for my first Christmas from my Papaw)

After the party, we had lunch, and then Sloan took a nap while Rick and i watched football. After nap, we made a huge leaf pile in the backyard, and let Sloan dive in.  I'll share those tomorrow (or soon). Sloan and I then went inside to make some "leaf art" since it was on our list, though I'm not really sure what that means or why i left that, so we did our best and made some "art" from leaves. We also attempted to decorate Jack, the pumpkin, but every time we glued the eyes or colored balls to him, Sloan would take them off. Maybe next year. 

Saturday evening, after Sloan went to bed, Rick and i went out for a date! We had TWO costume parties to attend, so we went to the first, then the next.

In case this needs explaining, I was a bond girl, and Rick was James Bond. Owning your own Tux comes in handy for Halloween (and Gala events). Both parties were a lot of fun and it was nice to go on a real date (another check off the list). It felt SO weird paying our babysitter! I made so much money in high school and college babysitting, i guess it is now time to pay it forward!

Sunday morning, Sloan and I went to church. Her costume on Sunday was, "MOMMY". I'm serious. She dressed like me! We wore our striped dresses with bows on the shoulder and leggings!

After church we made a pit stop to the FIRE STATION to install a new car seat! Sloan had a BLAST and made a new friend! Sloan also wore her new sparkly pink shoes today (one sock on, one sock off). 

So in case MOMMY isn't a costume, I think she made a pretty cute FIRE FIGHTER! She sure did make an impression!

Did you MISS?

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  1. I LOVE the pictures of you two in your matching outfits!