20 October 2012


Last night we checked another item off our list - NC STATE Fair. We took Sloan out of her doctor's costume and put her into something a little more feminine (sorry but with that hair, we don't like it when people mistake her for a boy, though how could they with those eyes!) I will post some of those pics later, maybe tomorrow.

Today we had picnic at the park and then went for a Nature Walk (two more items off of our list) My campus at SAS has a beautiful trail and it's nice to bring the dog too. Then we went home to nap and watch the game, so naturally, Sloan's costume today is.... Wait for it

NCSU CHEERLEADER! Gooooo WOLFPACK!  Awesome Win Today!!!

This is the face Sloan has been making lately. Does she have a runny nose? We still think it is pretty cute. She started out this morning in her football leg warmers, but it got in the upper 70s so she took them off.

The leaves on the trees are starting to turn colors. There were some bright red and orange trees on our walk.

Sloan enjoyed going on a walk, she was picking up leaves and putting them in her pocket.

She also likes to pick up rocks and throw them.

Ellie went for a swim and had to get a bath when we got home. She smelled BAD!

p.s. Ellie is Sloan's BEST FRIEND! (these are my FAVORITE photos from last weekends trip to the soccer fields on campus)

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