19 October 2012


Yes, for the next 13 days, Sloan will be wearing a "costume" of sorts. I have it all mapped out as to what i consider a costume, there will hopefully be no repeats but even if there is, this is going to be a lot of fun, and i do hope you enjoy this as much as she will I do.

Day ONE:
One the First Day of Halloween, Sloan aspires to be, An Emergency Room Doctor with matching Scrubs.
Did you sing that ? if not, go back and SING (to the tune of 12 days of Christmas of course!)
It was VERY hard to get Sloan to hold still this morning!

First let me make some breakfast...

 Emergency you say? Ok, i'm headed over there as fast as I can....

  I'm sorry, But i think we lost her... (the patient was her lovely Hula Girl dead at her feet)

 Finally got her cornered!

Edited to Add:
Sloan is now 15 months old! she has been in daycare School for a year and is thriving. She is still average on her weight (21.75 lbs) and on the tall side at 31.75"  (85%-ile). She nods her head yes in agreement when she wants something and equally will shake it no when she does not. She asks for things by saying "ME Me Me Me me" (we are working on "more please") I asked her if she wanted to go to college and she emphatically nodded yes. Smart Girl!

Sloan loves to play pretend with her dolls and her kitchen. She rocks her babies and tells them SHHHHH. She loves books. Sitting in my lap. She kicks the soccer ball quite well (we go to the fields every Sunday for some exercise). She also loves to "drive" my car by sitting on my lap and sometimes gets upset when she has to get out or go back to her car seat. She has finally learned to draw with sidewalk chalk and crayons more than eat them!

Sloan loves Almond Milk, broccoli, hummus, and anything crunchy. She BEGS for chips but we hardly let her have any. It is not a good habit. she also loves potatoes (sweet or white), and bread but only gets them in moderation.

We play a game where she says, Night Night, lays down and then pops up.Good Morning! She also LOVES riding on her daddy's shoulders or back. playing on the floor with him, and she loves when we pop out and scare her!

Sloan can point to her nose, her head, her mouth, her eyes and her ears. She says No-no for nose. She has also learned to give a cheesy smile which we think is pretty cute. She finds it quite hilarious.


  1. The cheeszy smile is too hilarious!! Love it

  2. So sweet! I can't wait to see all of the costumes. :)