22 October 2012


I'm not sure what I have gotten myself into here. You may get to a point where you say, that is not a "costume" but i will argue, Isn't it?  I have visions of our second child and a only few snapshots, but as an avid photographer (did i say Avid? I meant to say PROLIFIC), I aspire to try to do the best I can. I think spacing will have a lot to do with that. Plus my parents did an awesome job (my father is a photographer like myself - and by photographer, i mean we take a lot of pictures) I am a lot like my father and that makes me happy though I could use more of my mom at times.

Sloan had her own idea of a costume this morning. While I was getting dressed for work, she found a pair of goggles in my closet and put them on. Apparently she wanted to be a swimmer. Pardon the closet. It's not the tidiest place in my house but it is SOOO big it's easy for things to get tossed around, especially when my little helper is constantly "de-shelving" items.  Forget my neatly organized shoes. They have become Sloan's favorite things to put on.

Sloan also told me that she wanted to be a backpack. Climbed inside and asked me to zip it up. I complied, and then she started ROCKING back and forth. I'm thinking this was some sort of transportation module. 

Finally, we get dressed and ready for the day. Today, little Sloan Violet is a CAT!  She is already great at climbing on top of the furniture. Isn't that what cats do?

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