31 October 2012

13 DAYS of HALLOWEEN: Day 13!!!


This morning, our little girl became a beautiful butterfly, just like last year!
First, her daddy helped her get dressed in front of the mirror and she practiced flapping her wings!

Then she had to go eat breakfast to store up some energy to watch the Children's House Parade (ages 3-5). What a FACE miss Sloan! 

Sloan arrives to school just in time to walk over with her classmates to watch the parade. Since I was going with them, I let Sloan walk with me rather than ride in the stroller with her friends, this allowed Sloan freedom to roam once we got there. You can see some of her friends feet behind her. Sloan sat on the curb and intently watched the parade.

 I thought for a second she was going to take off and join the big kids, but she stuck to the space between the curb and my legs! Another child's parents remarked on what a good listener Sloan was and even her teacher Miss Bridget said that Sloan gets a GOLD STAR for listening! I am one PROUD MAMA!

A side by Side comparison:

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  1. That parade looks like so much fun! What a great idea. Sloan, you look so cute today!