24 September 2012

The Face of a Toddler

Between Rick and myself, we make a lot of expressive faces, so why would we expect anything less from our daughter!
This is her aloof face. She has grown quite good at acting "indifferent" as though she is saying, MOM get out of my way i'm busy now. Oh boy, these teenaged years are going to be fun!

I'm not sure what this face was but it sure was cute!

Quite serious. Sloan wears this face often! I believe she does a lot of thinking.She gets this one from me.

Silly face. I put a pony tail on the top of Sloan's hair and showed her. This is how she felt about it!

Sloan has also started scrunching up her nose and also she is turning up her upper lip. I haven't had a chance to take a picture of this, but it sure is funny, and she does it in front of the mirror and has a good laugh at herself!


  1. I love all her faces, especially the eyebrows in her serious look. :)

  2. Cute! I got some interesting faces from Jade this weekend too. Might have to do a similar post! :)