25 September 2012

Checklist for the Fall

Upon visiting fellow blogger, Stephanie's blog, i got inspired to create my own Fall Checklist! Most of the parts are the same, but I also made some of them specific to our family.

The Fall is by far my favorite season. Don't get me wrong, I love Summer Time, the pool, the beach, but I really appreciate Fall. Life slows down. Things get back to routine. Weather cools off and outside becomes bearable once again, Mosquitoes DIE off,  leaves turn pretty colors, the smell of leaves burning,  I start baking again (last night I made a batch of salty and sweet cookies that came out of the oven just before dinner), pumpkins, state fairs, football, the list goes on.

This year i aspire to complete at least everything on this list, if not more. Most can be done in our own back yard, figuratively speaking. And I kept the "go on dates" from the original post, because Fall doesn't end until December 21st, so we should be able to squeeze two in there, even if it's just to the movies.

Can't wait to share my list as we complete these items. We will definitely be going to the park this weekend, perhaps we will bring our lunches and check that one off the list !


  1. Love it! I'm excited to start checking things off our list too. Have fun and can't wait to hear about all your activities!

  2. Haha - I saw Stephanie's blog and am doing one of these now too. :)