12 September 2012

African Safari at the Reserve

Welcome to Africa!

Sloan and her daddy are posing with some African Violets. We went on an African safari last weekend and we saw Lions, Gorillas, Baboons, Giraffes, exotic Birds, elephants, ostrich, Zebra, antelope, and more!

Sloan got to feed a giraffe a leaf. The first time, I did it and let her watch. She was ok with that. Then we let her try, We were standing on a platform and I put the leaf in her hand and helped her reach out to the giraffe. His long black tongue came and wrapped around the leaf, tugging it from Sloan's grasp. She did NOT like that and it was very scary to her. We tried again with Rick holding the leaf, and we made a video of it.

The giraffes were so cute! I am always a big fan. I even pet one (i wasn't supposed to but i forgot they're just so cute!)

The lions were sleeping under the shade of a tree, go figure. Rick says they always sleep mid-afternoon. He is the lion expert of the family after all. Some safari this is turning out to be! The zoom on my lens helped me snap this shot. Aren't they so cute! Nala and Simba.

Here is the rhino. He of course is a statue. The real ones were busy hiding.

One of the elephants was rolling around in the water and occasionally you would see his trunk come up but he was good and happy just where he was. His little brother was hanging out in the dirt, cooling himself off by picking up dirt and throwing it onto his back. It was a pretty hot day.

Sloan liked the gorillas. They just had babies and were carrying them around while they nursed. I am sure she could relate. One mama gorilla was nursing her baby while lying down. The daddy gorilla was sitting near to us. In this picture he is walking away and Sloan takes Rick's hand. I thought it was pretty cute.
 The baboons were probably the most active animal on the reserve. Everyone else seemed tired or hot. She and this little girl were playing peek a boo. She would run off or duck and then come back into view. I think they liked each other..

Here is the dad with a little boy. He got in trouble and the dad was holding him by the tail. I think he was trying to do something he shouldn't have and the dad ran in and put a stop to it. The funny part was they were sporting nice baboon erections (yeah i noticed and no i didn't photograph this part), so it must have been something naughty they were doing.

We had a great weekend! Sloan loves being with us. Anytime we kiss, she smiles real big and watches. It tickles me to see how much she enjoys seeing our affection, but she is already such an affectionate child. We think it is very healthy for her to see us share affection. It sure does make her happy


  1. What a fun adventure! Jade smiles when Dave and I hug and kiss too. :) And then we usually grab her and do a family-style bear hug.

    1. We do the same thing! Big family bear hug!

  2. Same here, Chloe likes to see us kiss too, maybe she just thinks it's funny, I don't know. :) The pictures are great!