19 August 2012

The Perpetual Honeymoon

I should preface this post to say, if you don't want to know then stop reading.  You've been fairly warned

As we started what id like to consider our normal bedtime "routine", I paused and asked Rick, can I blog about this? We giggled and he replied, sure, but be light on detail. Nothing graphic. 

Rick and I have been married for 2.5 years, not very long, Rick is the best husband, friend and especially LOVER i have ever known. I can't get enough of him most days and we find ourselves up until 12/1am enjoying our marital bed be it intimately or just laughing and talking. Our life is the perpetual honeymoon.  I have to say it again, Rick was absolutely made for me, and on a physical level, God could not have given me a better mate. 

I have actually heard that we act like teenagers- but lets be honest, do you see anything wrong with that? Plus we don't do that in public. Just mom and dad type kisses for the public eyes. And in front of the kids, just love. We wrestle, we laugh and tickle and tease each other, in a PG way. I think that will keep our marriage alive much longer than anything else. We love each other dearly. I would hate to be in a marriage lacking the camaraderie that we share, for lack of a better word.

Most of you know, Rick and I have had some rough circumstances these past 2.5 years. We've also had extreme bliss. Going into this [marriage], we expected the first six years to be the most difficult. We also realize that if we can get through the remaining 3.5 years, then we will be equipped to endure anything. 

We had to travel the other day to handle some business. I wholeheartedly support Rick and will always be by his side no matter what. That's the role a spouse ought to play.  About that business, the Bible Says: "Whoever walks in integrity, walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out." Proverbs 10:9. Rick and I are firm believers in the truth. In the end, light exposes dark. We don't have to do anything, God will be the judge in the end. Our business has been handled.

These last 2.5 months have been a good test of our faith, ever since we returned from Hawaii. It seems like once it rained it poured. I probably could have handled some things better at times, but I can't be the perfect "Stepford Wife" all the time. So occasionally at home, things might have leaned towards less than ideal but those times were short lived. Rick and I are troopers and we dug our heals in, we stood on principle, and we kept  our integrity. James 1:2-3 says, to consider it joy whenever you face trials because these trials develop perseverance. I know this applies to your faith, but lets apply it to our relationship. What does not kill us makes us stronger. Hard times either drive a wedge or adhere you like glue. Rick and I sure have been made into glue. Point being, no relationship should have to go through some of the stuff we have in the first year. I can't wait for the silver lining. Every cloud has one and this one seems like it is ready to pass. 

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