10 August 2012

One Year Facts and Figures

OKAY, i actually don't plan to present any figures so try not to be disappointed. Here is a flower growing out of a friends front porch bricks. Yes i said bricks. randomly defying nature. I like it. Rebellion and all.
So about my little flower, Sloan is 30 inches tall. That's 2 and a half feet.  In another six inches she will be tall enough to ride the kiddie roller coasters, but i don't expect that for another two years. She loves riding around in a diaper box as well as speeding through the house in her little tykes car.  She is a real dare devil, enjoying running (well i run and she "rides"), flipping upside down, going face first  into the bathtub or pool, and jumping out of her high chair. Ok the last one i made up. She stands but i catch her.

She is in the 65% for height which i believe is tapering off from her usual stats. Her weight is 20 lbs and 9.5 oz. She is still in the 50% for weight. I think this is nice.  It shows that she has good nutrition. Sloan had her finger pricked at her last appointment and four shots. The finger prick was far more dramatic than the shots. I think it took about 10 minutes to get over the prick, the shots took about 30 seconds.  Some people i know delay vaccinations, but I don't.  I guess people think there is a link between shots and autism, but i strongly disagree. I know plenty of people who have gotten all their shots and aren't autistic. While there are many theories out there, no studies have shown that there is any link between delaying vaccines and any developmental delays. There ARE however studies that show links between autism and child spacing. And i can verify this in some circumstances to be true for some.

As for teeth, sloan has FOUR MOLARS coming in, the first finally broke skin after 3 weeks of being the size of a grape ("eruption hematoma" ). The tooth finally broke through the bruise on Tuesday morning, but now the other three are starting to turn purple. I can now feel the two on the left side of her mouth.

Watching the Olympics
Something clicked in Sloan after her birthday party and Sloan will now pull up, or stand from a seated position, and walk from one object to the next. It's funny because as she gets closer to the second object, she walks faster and faster, as though she's about to fall so she has to quickly get to the wall, chair, toy, whatever it is she is aimed towards, to catch herself from falling. She also started out by walking like an orangutan, you know, arms in the air. It was pretty cute, but now only a week later, she has established much better balance and can even stand up in the middle of a room and take off. She is about 50% crawling and 50% walking. She can change direction, turn and go the opposite direction and stop to stand and play with something in her hands now without falling. I wrote that about three days ago, Sloan is now walking. She falls but she stands right back up. She used to crawl to an object to pull up. Now she realizes she can just stand in the middle of the room, so she does that and keeps walking. 

Sloan has a large vocabulary, and most of the time I can understand what she is saying. Her favorite words are BALL and ELLIE, often used in the same sentence. She loves to play fetch with her dog, and she is now working on kicking the soccer ball to Ellie and does so with great success. She can sign MORE, ALL DONE, Water, and MILK. She will also come to you, put both her hands up in submission and say "UP". this morning she repeated the word blue berry and last night after her daddy told her to sit down in the bathtub, i came into the bathroom and she stood up, then sat back down and said a bunch of words that ended with "sit down". I think she was telling me what her daddy told her to do. The kid is brilliant, at least verbally. She repeats almost everything I say. We are very careful what and how we talk around her.

She loves to eat, and fortunately loves her fruit and vegetables, but the girl is a true Beeman as she LOVES bread and meat. Her daddy is so proud. She also loves beans, corn, avocado, broccoli, pears, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, as well as hummus and spicy foods! The other day I was eating hummus and brown rice crackers and Sloan dug in with both hands. We also went to an Indian birthday party and she ate some spicy rice. That is my girl! She has also tried sushi but isn't quite a fan. She will get there.

Sloan is also very funny. She has a great sense of humor and will often do things to make us laugh. Like hitting both cheeks and screaming, sort of like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. I have no idea where she got this since she's never seen the movie. Maybe she's just an original. She will pretend eat just about anything, and go Mmmmmm....  She loves her music table which has a little door that says open/close and she will repeat.OPEN CLOSE and stick her face inside and go  Mmmmmm .. She likes to spin the ABC wheel and she will press the lever on the violin up and down and then repeat: UP DOWN in a sing-songy voice just like the table. We often play kitchen and mix different toy foods together. She can point to your nose, mouth and eyes, but mostly she likes to grab your nose. She can mimic a horse, a cow, a rooster, a sheep, a dog and a lion, though her horse sounds more like a squealing pig. She likes to use her imagination more and more.

When the pastor of our church was holding her last week i asked her, where is mama, and she points to rick. If you ask her to say mama, she will say DADA and smile real big. She will say mama, but only when she wants to. That's ok with me, I'm still her favorite though dada is much more fun and games.

Just for smiles, lets have a look at young Rick and his first birthday cake

Sloan's first birthday cake:

My first birthday cake:

It's a tough call. I see a lot of similarities in both of us. Definitely my coloring. We could all be related couldn't we? We both have dimples and a great big smile. I think baby Sloan has the best of both parents and hopefully none of the bad. What do you think?


  1. Interesting! I have always thought she favored you, but I think that is mostly because of her eyes and smile. However, now I see a lot of Rick too since you've posted photos of all of you around the same age. All in all, she's a beautiful blend of both of you with a lot of her own beautiful uniqueness. Thanks for sharing her growth. It's fun to watch her.

  2. I think she is beautiful. I love that you are doing the blog - I feel like she's growing up right in front of me. She has the very best of each of you and the three of you are truly blessed.

  3. I still think she looks like you!

    We are some of the crazies who are delaying vaccinations. :) I know everyone has their opinion about it, and that's fine! I don't have a huge circle of contacts, but I do know two people whose kids have been diagnosed with autism and even the doctors finally agreed that the shots contributed to it. My mom instinct tells me to avoid them with Jade for as long as possible, so that's what we plan to do. But I completely respect that you see differently.

    We finally got Jade an amber teething necklace, and I do think it makes a difference! It's funny how many people compliment her on it too. I think, most of the time, they don't realize it's on for a reason!

    I love that picture of Ellie in Sloan's car. They look like they're really good friends!