23 August 2012

New Shoes and Updates

Sloan loves to walk. Shoes are not her favorite, but with a little persistence, she has gotten used to them and will even bring them to me to put them on. Possibly because she knows she needs shoes to go outside. Sloan LOVES to go outside. Between her and the dog, once that door opens, its a frantic beeline race to get to the crack in the door frame before it closes. Here are some pics of what we have been up to this past month.

Mimi came to visit and we went to Stride Rite. Sloan is wearing a 4.5 WIDE :) 
Here are her awesomely cute shoes. She is less than thrilled but has now gotten accustomed to wearing them and walking in them much better. We even purchased her a pair of sandals for the end of the summer.

Visiting Family in Texas!

A playdate with Henry!
Playing a new Game with Daddy! Ride in the Grocery Bag! She LOVES this game!

Finding streamers on the floor - Sloan is meticulous! She finds anything dropped on the floor but lately has gotten very good about handing it to Rick or myself or better, throwing it in the trash! 

Sloan can show you her belly button as well as mine, ricks, and probably even yours. Yesterday she picked up a doll and pointed to her eyes and said "eyes". It was very sweet. She then hugged the doll just before she proceeded to shake it relentlessly. The poor little baby never stood a chance. Sloan likes to "honk" my nose and will make the noise to go with it. She loves to be upside down as well as help me cook dinner. I have also heard her repeat the words: Yellow (WOWO) and Red (BED) along with her music table's educational cues.  When asked what a cow says, Sloan will say MOOOOO, and a monkey? oooh ooh ah ah. A horsey makes a noise that i'd equate with a pig squeal. Her elephant is lips pressed together and blowing (because that is how i make the best elephant noise and it is much too hard to describe),

Today she showed me a giraffe and then gave a ROAR. Close enough. She also follows instructions VERY well most of the time. She will sit down. Stand up. Walk away [from whatever it is she shouldn't be doing]. And she knows DO NOT TOUCH, which she will repeat and get her hand as close to the object without touching it. We also sing this song, Open Shut to which she opens and shuts her hands and on cue will give a little clap. We are having so much fun with our little girl and watching her grow. She brings our family so much joy!
Our month has been jam packed with birthday parties, airplane rides, play dates, and church. Sloan LOVES music and dancing, and will often sing along in her own words. Her little voice is so cute! Sloan is now very comfortable at church and will let some of the bigger kids hold her while i drink my coffee.  She loves playing with the big kids and will be moving up to a Toddler room at school just as soon as they have an opening. Public Schools start on the 27th which should mean she is moving up in a few week. It won't be much longer until she is bringing home original artwork! I cannot wait to decorate my office with Sloan Violet originals and of course scan them in for the world to see!


  1. She sounds like she is at such a fun age, and full of information! Her in the grocery bag is hilarious! I can't believe she fits in there like that!

  2. I love hearing about all of her animal sounds. So cute! Jade loves to imitate sounds too, especially if Dave makes them at her. Hope she's having fun in the toddler room!