03 August 2012

A Closet Confession

I have a confession to make.

I love shopping.

I love to spend an entire day trying on clothes and coming home with great new threads. No wait, i take that back. Aside from boutique shopping or better,  boutique shopping in a foreign country, on a broader spectrum, I HATE shopping. I hate trying on clothes. The dressing rooms are hot and cramped. The act of putting on and taking off clothes is actually exhausting and should be likened to an Olympic event. I tend to shop in some pretty easy clothing for that reason - and often try clothing on top of what i'm wearing to check the fit rather than wait for the fitting room. Unfortunately I have some pretty broad shoulders (that i attribute to years of competitive swimming) - and have actually had to cry  breathe my way out of some dresses that were a perfect fit going on, but nearly impossible to get off due to this genetic curse  blessing . Never do those florescent bulbs feel as hot as they do when you think you're stuck.

Thankfully, in this day an age, who needs to physically enter a store, when we have the wonderful world wide web and free shipping both ways!

I guess I don't love shopping as much as I love new clothes. But does it really stop there? House things, shoes, gadgets, baby stuff. But lately I have been shopping less because i realize I have so much already. I even have a box of clothes in the rear of my over sized closet labeled : Fat and Maternity, because at any time, I might just have to drag that box down, and no, this isn't an elusive way to declare or announce anything.

But as i thumb through catalogues and browse online, i realize something. Aside from needing some new shoes - since my former collection of heels and sandals no longer fit or feel right post pregnancy, I have too much stuff. Hundreds of t-shirts from soccer tournaments, surf shops, college training days, goodwill scores, and the like, things I just can't fathom parting with because they are so sentimental and well worn. As i sift through the memories, I do realize, I never wear some of these things.  It is so easy to get caught up in what someone else is wearing, or driving, or where they're living... but when you take a step back at the broader scope of things, I own more than 95% of the world's population, i'm certain of it, just by having a house, a car, and a change of clothes. Maybe instead of dwelling on what i think i need to have in the moment, I should focus on what I can give.

So before i buy another dress (oh how i do love a beautiful Tunic Dress or a pretty skirt), I really need to take a step back and fill a box or two or three, for those who have not.... after all, life is so short, and i seriously doubt anyone will care what I was wearing as much as they will take note, in what i was doing to make myself, and the world, a better place. And if you know me, you better believe we will be laughing and smiling the whole way through.

I saw this trending online and found it appropriate

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