27 July 2012

Sloan's First Birthday PARTY!

As promised, here is part 3 of my three part post. I have lots of outtakes as well, and the pictures i posted this weeks were not all of them if you could imagine that, just the ones i felt were the best.

Last Saturday we had a birthday party for Sloan, the turnout was pretty good 18 adults and 10  kids, the oldest was 4.5 the youngest was 6 months old. The weather was a PERFECT 85F after such extreme summer heat, and the water table we had set up outside was a huge hit as well as her new kitchen. The kids also enjoyed the castle slide Rick and I bought for sloan. Oh, and i better not forget, her Cozy Coupe Car, was also popular, all the kids took a spin around the house. Sloan is very good at sharing.

Pre-party PB&J with Mimi, then the Birthday girl has to get dressed.
The sleepy birthday girl awaits her guests!
Before the party, Mimi and Grandpa gave Sloan her first Car!!!

Some of the pre-party details:

The spread, we decided to keep it very simple, we had watermelon, ham and cheese wraps, pasta salad, pb&j both creamy and crunchy, cut into squares, and meatballs. I painted the dining room a week before the party because it was some burnt orange color and after looking at it for 10 months, i was over it. 

I made homemade cupcakes, they were pretty tasty
The smash cake

A year of SLOAN

Some church friends. We had a slideshow of photos playing on the TV during the party, at one point, there was a photo of me nursing Sloan in the early days that I think slipped through Rick's selections! I don't think anyone aside from me noticed.
The water table is a huge hit. Grammy bought it for Sloan and even though she couldn't be there, the kids greatly enjoyed her presents (presence)  
Grandpa Sloan takes Sloan to check out the big kids playing while Mimi mans the Lemonade/Tea 

Sloan joins in the fun!

Sloan's toys were a big hit! Miss Sarah gave her a $1 in her card, she LOVES it!

The party favors: sandcastle bucket, a shovel, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and a fun animal shaped "egg" with a tiny amount of candy inside, and a little note from the Birthday Girl herself!

To end it all, Rick made a video to commemorate Sloan's first year. I would suggest anyone taking iPhone videos to turn the camera sideways. It makes for a much better movie!  We tried to keep it short enough to hold the attention of everyone without boring them to death with a slideshow of our recent vacations etc...
Now please, watch Sloan grow!


  1. That video was so sweet! I loved that you had actual movies to piece together. I wish we had taken more video footage of Jade when she was a newborn, because the pictures aren't quite the same.