19 July 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

TODAY is Sloan's first birthday and our day started out very different than usual.

First, we drove across town to do a photo shoot, we left the house at 7am, which, if you know me, is VERY early to my flexible schedule since daycare doesn't open until 9am.  Sloan had her portrait taken in the same dress my mother and myself wore in our First year Picture.  I just love how my mother set out so many things for me in my first year that I was able to share with my daughter. I hope I can take good care of things so that my children can use them for their daughters!
Sloan sharing a tender moment with our good friend  and photographer AW after the photo shoot. These two have met once a month for the entire year ( sometimes more ). We love AW!

Then we stripped Sloan down to her diaper and set out before her a very big birthday cupcake: Here it is - pre construction.

I can't wait to show the pictures after her party! She will get a smash cake there too but we wanted her to have a cake for her actual birthday. She really seemed to enjoy it.

Several packages arrived in the mail for Sloan unexpectedly! What a pleasant surprise that people all over the US love her so much to send her presents for her first birthday. My dear friend Jessica even solved the problem of "What to Wear" !
After the photo shoot we ran home to drop off a few things (the perk of living 2 miles from your office and school!) While I was sitting down, i heard a rustlign of papers and caught Sloan opening her presents that were intended for this evening! Rick and I bought her the castle you see in the background and gave it to her last weekend. She loves it! I whisked her away from the boxes before she could really see inside, though I can't wait to take her home today to re-open the packages. 

I look forward to sharing pics from the photo shoot, the first birthday party and more as soon as the weekend is over!
We love you Baby Sloan!
We are so blessed to be your parents!
a copy of the handmade  invite, the purple butterfly in the middle got smudged out when i removed the address.

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