06 July 2012

Boston in June

We flew to boston in June for a conference. I brought sloan because she is still nursing and Rick came on a separate flight to "parent" while I was busy working. The conference, in case you are the least bit interested in my professional interests:  http://forecasters.org/isf/ . We didn't fly together becuase my direct flights were booked months in advance so he was left with the "best alternative". I have been to Boston three times, all in the summer, and every time I fall in love with the city. Likely because it is summer time. In the winter I would hate hate hate it. But Summers in Boston are the best!

Let me tell this like a chronological story:
First, we left for the airport at 5AM (rick flew out at 6am and we flew at 7) Sloan traveled in her jammies.              
When we arrived, Sloan changed her clothes and we waited for Rick to arrive because we flew direct and he did not . While we waited, Sloan ate her foot.

Sloan takes her first public transit.

We sight see, here is Trinity Church. Can you see Rick and Sloan? This one is probably too easy.

We catch our reflection in the Hancock building. Can you see us? This one is trickier.
Day 2: It rains and Sloan and her Daddy go to the library where she made friends:


 Day 3, Sloan and Daddy take a walk along the Freedom Trail. They walked 11 miles that morning!
Boston Commons
Paul Revere

hi mama, we are having a blast!

Bunker Hill

I got a Korean Fan to promote ISF 2013, in SEOUL Korea! Sloan likes it!
We walk up to the Charles River and along the path, Sloan picks Arthur Fiedler's nose and thinks its gross. 

We had to go where NOBODY knew our names! Rick insisted 

Sloan tries a lemon for the first time... she actually liked it a lot!


The fourth day, we flew home. But not before we got to play in the kidzone in the Logan Airport. it was AWESOME!

As icing on the cake, my-coworker was on the flight and gave Sloan and I his first class seat so we would have a little more room to play. I sure do love how well taken care of we are! We are really blessed people!

i swear i'll post Hawaii pics one of these days... maybe in August, but first we have to prepare for a Big First birthday Party. I did all my invites myself and will be doing all the decor and food. I must say it is coming together quiet well, if i do say so myself.

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  1. Kudos to Rick and Sloan for the Freedom Trail hike in one day! Very impressive! You definitely need to take Sloan back for the Boston 4th of July show when she is a little bit older. It truly is fantastic.