23 July 2012

Birthday Photo Shoot - Formal Portrait

I have a three part blog to post, and i'll try to wrap it up by the end of the week...

First, the formal birthday photo shoot. As i stated in my previous blog, we woke up early and drove to Raleigh for this photo shoot, sort of the downtown area where AW has his studio. We were all very excited about this and we did it early before work.

Pre photo shoot- The beautiful model arrives in her favorite pajamas, still a bit shy.

I'm ONE today! this one is for you!

This is the dress my grandmother made for my mom for her first birthday portrait. The locket was also my mothers, who then gave it to me on my first birthday. I wore the same dress for my first birthday portrait. I am not sure that it will stay in one piece for when Sloan has a daughter as it is starting to fray, but the dress has held up for 60 years, so we will see what we can do. I can't wait to frame one of these for my grandmother for her birthday. She has internet and facebook but i'm not sure she reads this blog so i'd like to surprise her :) The locket is engraved with a "j" as my mother is Judy and I am of course, Jennifer. Since mom and i are both the second born daughter, ideally I should give it to my second born daughter. If not, it's sloan's. I don't have to decide tonight.

Yes ME. I am ONE. This is my mama's locket and before that, her mama's. This is very serious stuff

I'm ONE i can stand and take steps
I am a very happy birthday girl!

Our precious little family!


Sloan laughed....  which of course made everyone else laugh! She's a very funny baby, such a cute personality.

Up next, the Birthday Cake Smash Session, but first, some bubbles to hold you over


  1. What a special story. And a very cute model!

  2. Her eyes just blow me away!! Beautiful family and I can't wait to see the smash cake photos! Chloe had fun doing that as well. :)

  3. That dress still looks great! And, the model is just perfect :0)

  4. Sloan is so beautiful! loved all the pics and the story behind her B'day dress :)

  5. I love that her dress and locket have so much history! That just makes it even more special!