21 June 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring

and you guessed it. The old man is snoring.

This week was CRAZY nuts. Seriously. You know how everything hits at once, well this was one of those weeks. No big deal, we are prepared for anything and will never be given more than we can handle, but it sure was a lot to handle.

I had my PhD Preliminary Oral Exam today. But as icing on the cake, i caught a nasty bug from Sloan. Monday I started sneezing and my throat was itchy. Tuesday came the congestion and by Wednesday I could hardly breathe. This is all the day before my big oral exam. My advisor asked me if i wanted to reschedule, but I really wanted to get this over with. Six Years of hard work. So i had my meeting and providing i meet a few conditions (some edits and what not) I PASSED!!! Technically it is a Conditional Pass, but that just means meet the conditions. I was prepared for anything from "inconclusive" to "fail" to "Not on your life" so a conditional pass is pretty dang exciting!

It will likely take me a few weeks months to finish the edits. Then I'll have to do some more analysis to complete my dissertation and then i'll be done. Forever. I'm hoping I can finish up in the next 9-12 months. Seems like forever, but then again, a PhD is forever too.  Sounds easy right?

Not so much, but it is definitely do-able. The light at the end of the tunnel has definitely gotten a lot brighter! I can see it and for the first time since i passed my PhD Qualifier (2003) and my written Preliminary Exam (2005) do I believe that I will become Dr. Jennifer Sloan Beeman. :)

Today during my meeting I was so congested that I couldn't hear myself talk. You know the feeling where you have to plug your nose and blow to make your ears pop? Well it wasn't working for me. I just couldn't hear very well. Yeah yeah poor baby.

But with all that going on, preparing a 45 minute presentation, not being able to breathe or hear, I'd say that my week went pretty well!

And as far as little Miss Sloan. We have a baby taking steps! She can stand for about 10  seconds on her own and sometimes will take about one to two steps before plopping down. Today she stood up in the middle of the floor.

Four weeks from today Sloan will be ONE YEAR OLD! The time sure has flown by! Isn't this fun


  1. WOW - a PhD! That is impressive. What is it in?
    I am proud of you!

  2. Congrats to you AND Sloan on your big accomplishments!

  3. It took me exactly 12 months from my oral prelim to being D!O!N!E!!!! You go girl!!