28 June 2012

Happy 11 MONTHS, nine days later!

Yes this is a bit late, but i've beat the *imaginary* 10 day deadline that i have set for myself, so i'll consider it fair game.
Let me say, I was so sick all weekend as i detailed before and just did NOT get better. I then had to fly to BOSTON at 6am on Sunday morning for a conference for work, baby in tow... I'll get to that in another post:

First, a little about Sloan at 11 months.

Sloan is very serious and inquisitive. She is often found deep in thought trying to figure something out. I call her my little engineer because she will take a toy and study the wheels and how they turn around, manipulating everything as she studies it. She isn't above testing the flavor and durability either. Sloan also has a very silly side. I think she is more mischieveous than silly though. She likes to spit her food on the side of her highchair for the dog to eat (she is sharing). She does a good job listening to the word "NO" most of the time.

Sloan has 8 teeth and I think that she is working on numbers 9-12 as he gums are red and everything is now in the back of her mouth, but I have quit trying to look too closely as they are too far back and she hates it when i "ask". She does have a vast vocabulary and her teachers will tell you she is the most talkative in her bunch. She can say sentences such as "All done", " I like it", "I got it", "Hi daddy", "i love you" and of course her words, "bye bye", "mama", "dada", "ellie" (the dog), "ball", "doll",  "yeah", "hi",  and the other day her teacher said "O.M.G" and Sloan repeated, "GEEEEEE". They got a good laugh out of it. She also still loves to sing and will now sing along with Baaa Baaa Black Sheep, Baaa baaaa baaa baaa... She says other stuff too but this is all that i have deciphered thus far.

Sloan is weeks away from walking and has taken two or three steps to me from standing. She often tries to walk between objects but just hasn't mastered her balance yet. She loves climbing our stairs and is often found trying to sneak to the front of the house where the staircase lies. We have barricaded the path fairly well.  Sloan likes to throw the ball to the dog, she likes to eat, she likes to sing and dance, she likes to climb on top of Big Bear, she likes to wrestle with her daddy,

My very SERIOUS baby girl!

 Checking herself out in the mirror is still a big delight!
Climbing the Stairs, a favorite past time!

Sloan knows how to "blow" and was trying to blow her butterfly mobile


No longer afraid of Big Bear! He is now a pouncing toy!

THE FACE IN THIS LAST PICTURE IS CLASSIC. I think its a Beeman face, they are just silly people! Also forgive my unshowered - uncombed - just out of bed look. This photo shoot was before 8am on a Saturday morning and I was under the weather. Diamonds make everything better though, don't they?


  1. So close to walking, how fun!! Chloe loves climbing the stairs too, she sure enjoys crawling over to them as soon as we put her down on the floor.

  2. Cute, cute pictures! And I can't believe she has eight teeth and can eat steak. We are almost to six!

    1. Thanks, the steak is slightly pre-chewed, after all, she is still a baby with no molars :) Though i prefer to serve it in front of her on the tray rather than bird feed.

  3. love the pictures and info, love you too and really appreciate all the updates. She is so adorable..................kiss her for me.......Grammy

  4. She is growing so fast!