04 May 2012

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: College Graduation

Exactly 10 years ago today, the 4th of May 2002, I graduated from Charleston Southern University! It is such a memorable day for me.  I remember waking up feeling nervous. Not sure why but i was nervous so i went for a run. My days prior to that were filled with lounging at the beach and working a part time job, Oh and finishing up my Art degree (the math degree was in the bag). My childhood best friend Anna was there as well as my parents and siblings. I wasn't the Valedictorian like my older sister was (of her LARGE graduating class at NCSU)  but i was a leader and a scholar. I received an award for being the outstanding mathematician of my school. Woo Hoo. I also received the FCA leadership award and the R. L. Wynn Christian Leadership Award for the entire senior class of graduating athletes, an award that was handed out a week earlier, and was put on the spot to give a speech (It was completely ad-lib ) but i remember the gist of what i said.

I came to CSU for the same reason as most of you, to play sports. What i didn't expect was to find a relationship with God in the way that I have over these past four years. The one thing i want each of you to take  home from me today, is that I am not perfect. The example I set before you is completely flawed and imperfect. If you knew me when I first got here, or even at times over the past few years, you would know that I am not the best example of Christ. But that is the entire point isn't it? Jesus wants a relationship with each and every one of you, just like me. Don't do what i do, but be who He wants you to be... None of us are perfect, I most certainly am not, but thank God for Jesus because I don't have to be.  (Can i get an amen?) 
ha, ok so I didn't say that (last bit), but that's about what i said. And i meant every word of it. I can be as mean as a snake, or is it a hornet. Just ask my family. I have a protective bit about me that will come out when i think it needs to, you'll never push me around that's for sure. But i can also be the most gentle, patient, compassionate woman. I am still a work in progress, aren't we all?

I can't believe it has been 10 years! I am very pleased with all that I have accomplished in both my career and personal life. I must say God has truly blessed me upside down and inside out.

Freshman Year. Can you spot me?

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