03 May 2012


Are you one of those people who rise to the occasion or do you shrivel up and die under pressure?

I have always been more productive the busier i get. I think its the fight or flight in me. So for me it is FIGHT. When i get busy i am much more productive that's just the way i react! The days where I have nothing to do, i have nothing to prioritize and I can sit around and watch tv. Oh how i miss those days. I don't think I'll get another one like that until either my children are teenagers and decide to start sleeping in, or I take a vacation away from them. Of course with so much to do, who has time to sit around and watch TV? I am lucky to get to watch ONE tv show a night, but that is ok with me. I have a DVR and the summer of reruns will be a great time to catch up. One show at a time.

Life for the Beemans (Or are we Bee-men?)  has gotten  extremely busy. We took Sloan to the beach for the first time and it was our first real family vacation! Sure we went to Houston in October, but it most certainly was not a vacation. More of a family visit. Rick and i had so much fun together, almost like a second honeymoon. I now understand why so many people have babies 18 months apart! Sloan is at such a fun age. My friend jessica who has SIX boys told me her favorite age was 9 months. I can see why. From my nanny/babysitting days i always like 18 months where they can walk and talk a little but being the mommy makes this age so special. Sloan is definitely a momma's girl though she absolutely ADORES her daddy.

This weekend we are going to my grandfathers house for the day on Saturday. Then Sunday we have a potluck after church and then a BBQ.

We are currently doing swim lessons on Monday and Wednesdays before school and Sloan is a little waterbug. She puts her face in the water without me asking her to and even swam from the teacher to me under water!! She is awesome and we are so proud. Next week Rick will come too so that she can swim back and forth between us!  Today is Thursday which means it is a music day. Sloan loves it!

She now giggles all the time, sometimes just to hear herself laugh. She even laughed herself to sleep in the car after our last swim lesson. It made my day, and even now thinking about it, i get a big smile. Sloan now waves bye bye and hello and she can say HI. She is very funny and her personality is really emerging.

I am really looking forward to the summer to "relax" though I hardly think any relaxing will take place anytime soon. 

On a sad note,  I had the opportunity to spend about 6 hours with Junior Seau at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas in October of 2008. He saw me at the pool and asked if I wanted to join his group of friends so i hung out with them one October afternoon. He was very entertaining and i must say that in person, he was larger than life. I remember holding his hand thinking this man could squeeze and crush me with such little effort. Dont' go getting any ideas, i was just checking out his hand size because he is Junior Seau, NFL great linebacker and will be inducted into the hall of fame. He actually played ball with a former classmate of mine Tremayne Stephens. I am glad I had the chance to meet him - it is very sad news that he took his own life.
Junior Seau, Former NFL Star, Dies in Apparent Suicide


  1. That photo of her on the beach is one that needs to be framed. That's adorable!

  2. Now you know why the young have children! Your little gal is adorable - even topless on the beach :0)

  3. Wow, she swam underwater?? She does sound like a little waterbug! I agree, this age is so much fun. Great pictures!

  4. I love being busy too. I turn into a giant procrastinator when there's nothing keeping me on my toes!