14 May 2012

All about those Pearly Whites!

We are leaving for Hawaii soon and are so ridiculously busy  super excited! Rick is about to start a new job, so this is our last vacation before we make some (ahem) changes to our daily routine. To top it off, Sloan has decided to cut FOUR TEETH at once. As if the top two coming in weren't bad enough - here, let me remind you how bad it was:  Her gums were looking like shredded meat.

But just the day after she turned 9 months old, Sloan was blessed with her two front teeth! And her face will forever be changed!

I KNEW there were more to come, as her upper left side is again, looking like cooked shrimp. Saturday, Sloan went on a hunger strike refusing to eat very much of anything most of the day. We finally got her to eat dinner on Saturday.  Sunday morning was a bit of a repeat, breakfast and lunch were just so-so. Sloan is typically a big eater but this weekend, all she wanted was to nurse. Sometimes i think nursing = comfort and I am more than ok with providing comfort to my baby. But then sunday night hit, and while we were playing, i decided to grab a flashlight and take a look inside. 

If your baby is anything like mine, peeking inside that mouth is something like opening a raw clam. I finally made a game into it where i stuck out my tongue and shined the flashlight into my mouth, then she would stick out her tongue. I finally got a good look and the tip of her second incisor on her top left has poked through. This was not a surprise to me, Nor was the lower left One Year molar that is well on its way, as a small dot has poked through. What DID surprise me is that her lower right second incisor broke the skin and her lower left second incisor is just below the surface.  Where the heck did those come from? Her upper right second incisor doesn't seem to be coming anytime in the near future, but what do i know? My child is about to have four bottom teeth (and a fifth when the molar comes in but i presume those take FOREVER since they are HUGE) and at least three top teeth, with a fourth to surprise us any time. We just went from a gummy baby smile to a full on toddler.... BITTERSWEET!


  1. These are the moments that some of the most beautiful memories are made of :-)


  2. Oh all those teeth at once just makes me hurt FOR her! We still have not had any teeth pop through on Chloe but I have a feeling it will be any day now. She was very fussy Saturday night (totally not like her) but I don't see any evidence of them popping through. If you don't post again before your trip, have a wonderful time!!

  3. I'm laughing - yes, she is forever changed. She will only be the way she is for one moment in time - things just get better and with a little luck, a LOT of hard work, some sleepless nights and plenty of worry, the two of you will be close, close close - like my sweet daughter and me and my cool son and me :0)

  4. I know I've said this before, but she is seriously a tooth-growing machine! That girl is ready to eat some steak or something! :)