20 April 2012

Happy 9 Months!

An appropriate header would have been:  Time on the OUTSIDE > Time on the Inside
Sloan has been " on the outside" for 2 weeks longer than she was on the inside and it really shows! Fortunate (for both Sloan and myself), she only had to spend 37 weeks on the inside - lets just say she got Early Parole for good behavior! She is progressing by leaps and bounds. Her top two teeth are coming in simultaneously, like some conspiracy to steal our Joy!

Sloan was quite a handful last night. Her top teeth are hurting her mouth a great deal and after taking a look i can understand why. Her gums are so shredded and i can see both teeth, its only a matter of days before she has a total of four teeth. This month, getting Sloan to pose with bear was an even bigger ordeal than last month! Every time i placed her with bear, she  crawled back to me. The first shot that was decent, Rick is actually holding the bear paw and somehow she managed to stay still AND smile for just ONE shot.

Most of the shots are like this or the top of her head! MOMMA pick me up! 
Sloan is SUCH a momma's girl. She cries when i enter the room if i do not immediately pick her up. She cries when i leave the room. She is fine minutes later, but when i'm coming or going she needs me. Last night I made an effort to distract her so that I could cook dinner while she played by my feet rather than hold her. I do not want to give into her manipulative tactics to get me to do whatever she wants. She MUST learn that it will be ok if i'm not holding her at all times. When all else fails I throw her on my back and let her help. She seems to like that a lot and Rick even volunteers to hold her this way too!

Sloan enjoys brushing her teeth. So far we only use the brush but it is great practice!

Her blonde hair is really filling out! 

today i weighed Sloan and she weighed 18 lbs and 14 oz fully clothed. We see the doctor next week, Sloan will be 40 weeks old! I am anxious to see how long she is and if it is time to upgrade the carseats! I also think there are not any more shots at this upcoming appointment! 

Happy 9 months (and one day) baby girl! You bring so much joy to the world, especially OURS!


  1. Love those beautiful blue eyes! I think Jade's top two teeth must be coming in too.... And they seem to be more painful than the first. :( Hopefully Miss Sloan gets some relief soon!

  2. Man she has some pretty eyes! She sure looks pretty content on your back. And I love the picture of her brushing her toofies...aww such a doll. Chloe still doesn't have any teeth yet so I'm hoping they don't all come in at once.