13 April 2012

Coxsackie and Herpangina: Hand-Foot-Mouth

Yeah i know if you say it real fast it doesn't sound very clean: What on earth am I talking about? Last weekend Sloan had a runny nose. No big deal, teething babies get runny noses. After a few days of fever, we  finally sent her to the doc and she was diagnosed with Herpangina. The fever was gone by Wednesday morning, so we sent her back to school on Thursday. Rick kept her at home the beginning of the week, and they had a great time. He LOVES playing with her and i'm so grateful that he is such a great daddy.

Last night during bathtime i noticed THIS on her finger:
Sloan had crawled to the oven after dinner and pulled up on it (it was still warm) and so i just assumed she had touched the oven, didn't cry about it, and then the blister formed. Makes sense right? I have touched the bottom of the oven before and found that it was hot to touch, so it seemed totally plausible.

I couldn't have been more wrong.  When i went to visit Sloan today at lunchtime for her midday feeding, i pointed out her finger to her teachers and how horrible it was that she burnt herself but didn't cry. They put it together and decided that she had the virus and had to be sent home. It makes sense, now that i've googled herpangina, it clearly states HAND FOOT MOUTH, which is the same as coxsackie. Herpangina occurs in the mouth. Since Sloan puts everything in her mouth, including her hands, her hand got the blister, hence the coxsackie. Lets hope this stays off her foot.

So anyone that came into contact with my baby, if you get it, i'm very sorry. We had ZERO clue about this "disease" and the doctor didn't educate us as to the ramifications. He more or less said, This will be better by tomorrow, and that day had already come and gone. Oh well, we learned something new. Not, The OVEN is HOT but rather, the VIRUS didn't go away with the fever. Who knew? Another afternoon for Rick and Sloan to go play.

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