25 April 2012

Life is about the Journey

Life is a journey, not just a destination.

Today Sloan had her 9 month check up and surprise, we had a shot. Her last of the Hep B. She only cried for a few seconds and once i scooped her up, she was just fine. The doctor said that Sloan was perfectly healthy and was very happy with her recent progress Baby girl has us on our toes for sure. Sloan is 18 lbs and 7 oz (the 50th percentile), 28.25 inches long (the 75th percentile) and her head is still in the 10-15th percentile which is fine by me.

Having said all of that, I am excited to say, Rick, Sloan and myself will be going to HAWAII in THREE WEEKS! wow, the time sure has flown. We will first be stopping for two nights in San Francisco so that Sloan Violet and her newest cousin Bailey Grace can meet for the first time. We really hope the two of them can visit at least once a year since they are so close in age! We have not had a proper vacation since I flew to Dubai over the holidays in 2010,

That was my last beach trip, which for me, is far too long to avoid the beach but last summer I was too miserably pregnant and bedridden to go, so to make up for it, we will be spending a week in Maui, and then a week on the Big Island. On the return trip, we will spend a few days in Texas and then back home. We are so excited to get to take some time away from our life to go enjoy each other and our baby!

I can't wait to relax at the beach and maybe take a few adventures. Rick wants to whale watch. I will be perfectly happy sitting by the ocean/pool and letting him chase our baby around. If this goes well, we might have to fly Internationally next year. Sloan has her passport application filled out and ready to be filed. And in actuality, a flight to Hawaii is a LOT longer than the flight to Paris. Just sayin'!

As if we weren't busy enough, this weekend we will be taking a mini-vacation to the beautiful coast of NC. Emerald Isle beach. I am excited for Sloan to see the ocean for the first time as well as an endless supply of sandbox that is the beach. We have a few backup plans if the weather or the baby go awry, namely, a small aquarium and a Civil War fort (Fort Macon). I have been there before and it is a really cool fort.  Blackbeard used to hang around these waters, and I'm always caught daydreaming about the things that happened on our beaches.

Rick and I have such an amazing life together and every day/week/month/year are only getting better. We are truly blessed in so many ways...

20 April 2012

Happy 9 Months!

An appropriate header would have been:  Time on the OUTSIDE > Time on the Inside
Sloan has been " on the outside" for 2 weeks longer than she was on the inside and it really shows! Fortunate (for both Sloan and myself), she only had to spend 37 weeks on the inside - lets just say she got Early Parole for good behavior! She is progressing by leaps and bounds. Her top two teeth are coming in simultaneously, like some conspiracy to steal our Joy!

Sloan was quite a handful last night. Her top teeth are hurting her mouth a great deal and after taking a look i can understand why. Her gums are so shredded and i can see both teeth, its only a matter of days before she has a total of four teeth. This month, getting Sloan to pose with bear was an even bigger ordeal than last month! Every time i placed her with bear, she  crawled back to me. The first shot that was decent, Rick is actually holding the bear paw and somehow she managed to stay still AND smile for just ONE shot.

Most of the shots are like this or the top of her head! MOMMA pick me up! 
Sloan is SUCH a momma's girl. She cries when i enter the room if i do not immediately pick her up. She cries when i leave the room. She is fine minutes later, but when i'm coming or going she needs me. Last night I made an effort to distract her so that I could cook dinner while she played by my feet rather than hold her. I do not want to give into her manipulative tactics to get me to do whatever she wants. She MUST learn that it will be ok if i'm not holding her at all times. When all else fails I throw her on my back and let her help. She seems to like that a lot and Rick even volunteers to hold her this way too!

Sloan enjoys brushing her teeth. So far we only use the brush but it is great practice!

Her blonde hair is really filling out! 

today i weighed Sloan and she weighed 18 lbs and 14 oz fully clothed. We see the doctor next week, Sloan will be 40 weeks old! I am anxious to see how long she is and if it is time to upgrade the carseats! I also think there are not any more shots at this upcoming appointment! 

Happy 9 months (and one day) baby girl! You bring so much joy to the world, especially OURS!

13 April 2012

Coxsackie and Herpangina: Hand-Foot-Mouth

Yeah i know if you say it real fast it doesn't sound very clean: What on earth am I talking about? Last weekend Sloan had a runny nose. No big deal, teething babies get runny noses. After a few days of fever, we  finally sent her to the doc and she was diagnosed with Herpangina. The fever was gone by Wednesday morning, so we sent her back to school on Thursday. Rick kept her at home the beginning of the week, and they had a great time. He LOVES playing with her and i'm so grateful that he is such a great daddy.

Last night during bathtime i noticed THIS on her finger:
Sloan had crawled to the oven after dinner and pulled up on it (it was still warm) and so i just assumed she had touched the oven, didn't cry about it, and then the blister formed. Makes sense right? I have touched the bottom of the oven before and found that it was hot to touch, so it seemed totally plausible.

I couldn't have been more wrong.  When i went to visit Sloan today at lunchtime for her midday feeding, i pointed out her finger to her teachers and how horrible it was that she burnt herself but didn't cry. They put it together and decided that she had the virus and had to be sent home. It makes sense, now that i've googled herpangina, it clearly states HAND FOOT MOUTH, which is the same as coxsackie. Herpangina occurs in the mouth. Since Sloan puts everything in her mouth, including her hands, her hand got the blister, hence the coxsackie. Lets hope this stays off her foot.

So anyone that came into contact with my baby, if you get it, i'm very sorry. We had ZERO clue about this "disease" and the doctor didn't educate us as to the ramifications. He more or less said, This will be better by tomorrow, and that day had already come and gone. Oh well, we learned something new. Not, The OVEN is HOT but rather, the VIRUS didn't go away with the fever. Who knew? Another afternoon for Rick and Sloan to go play.

05 April 2012

Pull Ups are not just for Toddlers...

Sloan is a climber. She climbs on my legs, she climbs over pillows (there went our NO FAIL method of keeping her on our bed), she climbs the dog,  she climbs ricks feet, and now, she climbs on furniture and shelves. I believe now we are entering what i would like to call the Period of Bumps and Bruises otherwise known as 
My Baby Bruised her OWN Face - No We Don't Beat Her.

Today after i dropped her off at school, i left her by the bucket of balls. Sloan climbs up to her knees, lets go, and bam. If life were a batman cartoon, you'd have seen it something like this except rather than seeing batman, you would see my child's entire side of her face hitting the shelf.  

She took it quite well though, i mean it took her a few seconds, she did cry, but then i didn't rush to her and she stopped crying. There were no tears, but there most certainly was a red line from her chin to her ear, even her earlobe was red. Poor thing. We've only just begun! (Did i just put a song in your head? good)

Last night she climbed up on her book shelf. It is literally a shelf of HER BOOKS, in our entertainment center, and now that the shelf is anchored to the wall, i say, climb on baby girl. Rick didn't think it was a good idea, he didn't want her to "learn to climb" but I think he will soon see his line of reason is flawed. It is just too late!

Here are the latest from the last few weeks:

Standing in a box!

Pulling up on the Cube

Pulling up at the shelf to get toys

Climbing the sofa arm to get to the Cup

Let the baby chasing games begin!

03 April 2012

Eight Month Photo Shoot

Another fun photo shoot with AW Sapp. Sloan is so serious at times, just refusing to smile. She often fights the urge to smile if you catch her doing something. She is just so proud of herself and what she can now do. She's very smart. In music class two weeks ago, Sloan held the mallets and played the wooden block. She wouldn't make eye contact with me, but had the proudest look on her face, sort of like the fourth picture down. We took these pictures one Friday morning before work and had a great time.