13 March 2012

Weekend with the Crazy Quinns!

My sister and her kids came up for the weekend and we had so much fun! Rick has so much energy and her boys just eat it up. Everytime we FaceTime with the kids, they ask, Where's Uncle Rick? What am i? chopped liver? guess so. Now that i have the baby, Uncle Rick is where its at. He is the human jungle gym!

Carter was excited that I have a basketball goal (that i even lowered down to 8 feet like he does for his league) I also slam dunked the ball at 7 feet first just to show off a bit! Carter wanted me to take his picture shooting hoops. He is quite talented and smart at the ripe age of "almost 5". This kid can do whatever he wants in life and while you should tell all kids this mantra, i actually mean it for this one. Lori, be sure to show Carter his pictures, he was very excited to see himself in action. What great form! By the way, he is a lefty which we have known for quite some time! SIDE NOTE: (If you notice the unruly bush in the picture, I will have you know, it got a haircut this weekend and is now nice and round again!)

We walked to the park and played for an hour while Sloan took a nap. Then we played more basketball, and Carter and Brady played with Sloan in her tunnel.I think Brady (3yr) enjoyed Sloan's toys just as much if not more than she does! They both really loved her books, we have tons of Dr. Seuss Books as well as Berenstain Bears and Little Critters.

Sloan's favorite new hangout is inside her tunnel. She will crawl to the middle and then hang out. She LOVES it in there. She is really crawling all over and this past weekend she even tried to stand up. Had her toy been better secured or against a wall, she would have been successful!

On Saturday afternoon after a full day of playing at the park we took Sloan to see The Lorax. She paid attention to the first 15 minutes and then the last 10 minutes. In between she nursed and slept quietly. The beginning of the film she squealed and flapped her arms. She was very excited to see the big picture! the boys did great and afterwards, Uncle Rick gave each a DOLLAR to take to Dollar Tree. After about a half hour of searching, each came out with a shovel. Lori and I are encouraging them to plant a tree at Grandpa Sloan's house!

Rick and I have planted two apple trees at our new house. What I really mean is that last fall RICK planted two apple trees. I'm more of a yard work cheerleader and the official pruner/weeder. Lucky Me! I must say, our yard is looking great! Rick and i really notice the lousy yards anywhere we go, now that we work so hard to make ours look nice. You know who you are people!!!! Get out there, give your kids some fresh air, and do something PEOPLE! seriously.

stepping down from the Yard Work pedestal now. I love having my sister come to visit and i look forward to more in the future!!! Especially when we start visiting her in her new home!!!!! I love having a sister so close in age, we hope one day Sloan has something similar ;)


  1. You have a gorgeous family! And I promise to get out in my yard when the temp goes above 40 degrees!

  2. Sounds like a great visit with family! That's cute how Sloan likes to hang out in the middle of her tunnel, they get big so fast!